Recruiteze: Release Notes 06-07-2015

We had a minor release this weekend for Recruiteze: our Online Applicant Tracking System and iReformat: our Automated Resume Formatting Service.

Recruiteze –

We did branding changes to ensure that the Recruiteze users will only see the Recruiteze branding while using the Application. Before this release, everyone were seeing the iReformat brand when logged in, which was causing confusion to some users, since they were not sure which product they were using.

The 2 changes the users will see when logged in is “Powered by Recruiteze” just below the Logged in user name and the Recruiteze Logo in the Footer.

Also made the required changes for the Footer to always stay at the end of the Page.


Will show the iReformat branding for logged in users. Also there were a couple of issues fixed with the Resume Formatting Engine.

We have made some changes to support the Office Addin for Office versions before 2013 SP1. We will be releasing the Office Addin in the next couple of days. We just need to host the executable, create the required help page and landing page for the download.

We had integrated the Freshdesk Feedback widget, it was having issues with SSL, so we rolled back for today. We should have this fixed and released next weekend. This will provide an easy to request support, provide feedback or ask a question.

Thanks again for the feedback provided by our users.

Happy Recruiting!

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