Recruiteze Release Notes Aug 8th 2015

This release applies to both Recruiteze: Recruitment Software and iReformat: Resume Management System products.

The main feature is for Resume Formatting, now we have support to trim candidate information from tables anywhere on the resume. This has been requested by several of our users, so we are happy that we could implement this feature in the product.

Here are some bug fixes

1. When a user clicks on Sign Up from the recruiteze site, it was sometimes taking them to Login page, this has been fixed now.
2. When the new user email goes out and they click on the link to join the account, it was sometimes taking them to login page. THis has been fixed.
3. Clicking on Careers Page first time was taking them to Login Page. This has been fixed.
4. Downgrade from Free Trial to FREE Version was not doing it correctly. This has been fixed.

Thanks to all our users for the continued feedback. We will keep addressing the issues and adding new features. If you have any questions regarding this release, please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com.

Happy Recruiting!

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