Recruiteze Release Notes Feb 21st 2016

We have a Release today for both our products Recruiteze : Recruiting Management System and iReformat: Resume Management System

iReformat had a Feature Release with some new Features and bug fixes.

1. New Customization to set the width of tables to 100% and also the ability to remove the table borders.
2. New Header Customization for a specific client, with Logo in the body and not the header.
3. New Customization to add a background color to the header.
4. New Customization to remove extra characters like :, -…from Section Header text.
5. Optionally ability to add a specific Post Fix to Section Headers.
6. Setting section headers to Title Case by default.
7. Setting Candidate Name customization to Title Case by default.
8. Setting Job Titles to Title Case by default.

Recruiteze had a minor Release

1. Added support for a new Job Category for the Job Requisition.
2. Created a Custom Careers Page for a specific Client, which also has filtering by Job Categories.

Thanks to all our users for the continuous feedback, our products are evolving.

Please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com if you have any questions/suggestions/feedback, we will work on those requests.

Happy Recruiting and Formatting!
Recruiteze Team

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