Recruiteze/iReformat Product Release Notes Sept 25th 2016

We had a minor release for iReformat: Resume Formatting Service today.

Mostly bug fixes and further improvements to the Date Alignment Beta released last week.

1. Some of the date formats with full month and partial month were not aligning correctly to the right side, this has been fixed.
2. Removing unwanted characters before and after company name and job title
3. There were stray cases where 2 words were getting attached, this has been fixed
4. iReformat Office App had an improvement, we are able to submit resumes with issues directly from the Office App. There are still some cases not addressed. This is a partial release.

Thanks again to our users for the feedback, we are evolving with every release. Please let us know if you have any feedback/suggestions/issues by sending an email to support at

Happy Formatting!

Recruiteze Team

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