How to Reduce Your Cost Per Hire

Online Applicant TrackingHave you ever thought about trying to reduce your cost per hire? If not, it’s time to start doing so now. Doing so will not only save money but it will also help streamline your operation when it comes to recruiting.

Below, you will find several tips that will help you effectively reduce your cost per hire. Never overspend with our free online applicant tracking and recruiting software. Recruiteze makes finding and hiring new talent easy and affordable. Click here to start using our online recruiting system for free!

Reducing Your Costs Per Hire

One of the best ways to reduce your cost per hire is to use social media. We’ve talked about using social media before, but we’ve never really talked about how it can save money.

Sourcing candidates through social media gives you a chance to reach out to applicants without paying for ads. Also, you can stay in contact with them without taking up too much time with phone conversations. This alone saves money. If you are not taking advantage of social networking for recruiting, consider doing so now! Make that a New Year’s resolution.

A corporate career site is also a great way to help you save money per hire. While this is a bigger expense upfront, it reduces costs in the long run. Working a bit like social media, you’re able to advertise jobs and your employment brand at all times without any additional cost. Most of the time, you’re able to reach candidates for a more reasonable cost this way. In addition, corporate career sites are actually one of the most used sources for hiring and have been for several years now. If you haven’t considered using a career site, do so now.

In a recent blog post we talked about employee referrals. We cannot stress this enough. Increasing employee referrals will not only help you find quality candidates that will be dedicated and motivated workers, but it will also save you money. If you need more information about employee referrals, visit back with our previous blog post.

Building a talent community can also help when it comes to lowering cost per hire. A talent community is much like a talent pool. However, these individuals are ones who are actively searching for a job and fit for the position. You’ll be able to minimize costs on advertising as well as interviewing applicants who are not fit for the job.

Also consider rethinking your current process, as well. You maybe spending too much time on something that could be cut back. Find out what sources work best and stick to those. Revamping your overall recruiting process will help you cut down on hiring costs.

Using an applicant tracking software system also helps you budget and cut costs. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us. We have a great system you can use for free!

We hope this information helps you when it comes to effectively reducing the cost per hire. We know how demanding and stressful recruiting can be. Why not take some of the headache away by reducing costs and streamlining your operation?

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