Benefits of Resume Formatting Software – Increase Profit and Save Time

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Resume formatting is a crucial aspect of staffing, but this is one area that still numerous recruiters are doing manually. This article details how resume formatting software can help increase the efficiency and speed of submission, leading to increased profitability.

iReformat is one of the oldest automated resume formatting software, so we understand what you are looking for in a resume formatting tool. We gained this by talking to numerous prospects and clients.

Formatting a resume usually takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes for someone good at using a document processor like Word. It takes even longer for others, and some are not even doing it since they are busy with other things and do not have the time to spend time formatting a resume for about twenty minutes.

Here are the benefits of using an automated resume formatting service:

  1. Consistent branding
  2. Time-saving
  3. Better candidate experience
  4. Better customer relationship
  5. Faster submissions
  6. Increased profitability

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Consistent Branding

Consistent Branding - Recruiteze

A resume is one of those things which can be as diverse as a fingerprint. Each resume is unique and looks different. It is so different because most people are not very good at using a document processor. Also, there are so many articles providing varied information on how to create a resume.

What is branding for a resume? It could be your logo, footer, font styles, font size, bullet standards, headers, maybe subtle colors to differentiate.

Submitting consistent-looking resumes shows a high level of professionalism that your agency follows. The hiring managers get a good impression of your staffing agency and trust that you do a thorough job before submitting a candidate.

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Time-saving - Recruiteze

Recruitment is one of the busiest professions.

It takes a lot of time and effort before a candidate is ready to be submitted for a position. A recruiter has to sift through numerous resumes to shortlist a few, present the job to these select candidates, learn about their experience and interest.

After all the due diligence, they will match the one or two candidates they think are a good fit. Recruitment is both marketing and sales combined.

First, they have to market the job through advertisements or any other means, and then once they get the leads (in this case, candidates), they have to filter the ones that are a good match. With all these activities, it can be tough to spare twenty minutes for formatting a resume.

A recruiter should spend time talking to clients, hiring managers, and candidates. That is what will lead to closing positions, which leads to revenue and profitability. Time is the most precious thing for a recruiter.

For this reason, iReformat was created. Instead of spending hours each day formatting resumes, resume formatting software can do that in less than 10 seconds.

Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience - Recruiteze

There is a lot of discussion regarding candidate experience these days. The core theme of candidate experience is communication.

Applicants these days, especially the younger generations, love to be kept in the loop throughout the hiring process. They also like feedback, whether it is positive or negative.

Candidate experience is getting affected since recruiters do not have enough time to communicate effectively. When recruiters have time, they will be able to engage with the candidates resulting in better relationships and brand awareness.

Once an applicant has good candidate experience, there is a good chance they will work with you again for another position.

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Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship - Recruiteze

For a staffing agency, customers are the bread and butter.

Customers are both the HR managers and hiring managers of a client. Customer engagement is vital to gather detailed job requirements, understand the company culture, and learn more about the prospective employee’s personality.

When a recruiter has time, they can spend more time engaging with the clients and hiring managers. Customer engagement can lead to higher quality submissions, which results in closing a position.

Faster Submissions

Faster Submissions - Recruiteze

As we discussed, most recruiters still do this manually, and some outsource this aspect of the recruitment process.

If you send the resume to a contract resume formatting agency that does it manually, it usually takes at least two hours to get back the formatted resume. While you are waiting for the formatted resume to come back, there could be more submissions from other staffing agencies.

The hiring managers usually hire the first candidate who matches all the requirements. Faster submissions mean closing more positions, which leads to increased revenue and profitability.

Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability - Recruiteze

For any business to survive, increasing profits is what allows the company to grow and expand. All business owners are looking for ways to achieve this.

An automated resume formatting software can easily save at least six to eight hours a week per recruiter. If the recruiter spends that time doing other higher-value activities like candidate and customer engagement, this will lead to closing more positions and increased profitability.

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Best Resume Formatting Software in 2021

Best Resume Formatting Software in 2021 - Reformat

iReformat is the first automated resume formatting service created for recruiting agencies and big HR teams. It allows you to increase productivity and profitability while saving time.

Let’s look at the pros and features of using iReformat.

Why You Should Choose iReformat

  1. Custom resume and email templates. You can pre-configure templates so that all your resumes look exactly the same with just one click.
  2. No contract. The service is operating on monthly subscriptions that you can cancel at any given moment.
  3. iReformat is available on the Office app store so that you can format resumes within Microsoft Word.
  4. Mobile app for iOS is available on the Apple app store, so you can access your candidate database and make candidate submissions on the go.
  5. Chrome extension.
  6. It is complimentary with ATS Recruiteze.
  7. Parsing is accurate and fat.
  8. Supports PDF, DOCX, and doc formats.
  9. Supports blind hiring with candidate information suppression.
  10. Free Demo

iReformat Pricing

We offer 4 different pricing plans for our resume formatting service:

These options let you pick the right price for your business needs.

Test iReformat now for free.