Resume Formatting Tool: Does Formatting Matter?

“First impression is the last impression.” This quote indeed is true for the recruiters who have to sift through hundreds of resumes in a single day and select a handful of the best ones. So, presentation of the resumes holds the utmost importance. It’s the formatting of the resumes that sparks the interest in the clients or the recruiters and drives a desire in them to meet the candidate.

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What Is a Resume?

A resume is a document (of one or two pages) containing the experience, skills, and other expertise of the candidate. The resume format varies from person to person and from industry to industry.

But when it comes to consultant firms or staffing agencies, they have to perform the tedious job of converting or formatting all the resumes (based on skills, or qualification etc) in one single format before submitting them to the client.

Depending on the needs of the client, the hiring manager, or the industry being served, the resumes are formatted in different formats such as skills required (functional format), experience (reverse chronological), or industry based (hybrid format). It becomes time consuming and monotonous to format each and every resume manually. By automating the resume formatting, the precious time saved can be used to capture more clients and hunt for quality resources.

The Need for an Automated Resume Formatting Service

In today’s evolving world of job interviews and job applications, it’s important to work smart rather than totally relying on hard work. So, need of the hour is to format the resume in such a way that makes it comprehensive, creative, and compelling. In other words, the resume should be capable of making the candidate stand above the rest and increase his/her chances of getting called for an interview.    

Writing a resume is not a difficult task but the formatting is. A good resume formatting service comes with an automated resume formatting tool. This tool has some built in resume templates that enable recruiters to format the resumes according to their requirements. The work can be completed within fractions of seconds. Have a look at some of other features offered by a resume formatting service.

1. Organizes Resume

Consultant firms or staffing firms make sure that the candidate’s resume looks organized and professional before they submit it to a client. A resume formatting service ensures that everything is filled out appropriately. The resume template ensures that all the important details are not missed and every bit of information is organized in a proper way.

2. No Prior Experience Required

The interface of every resume formatting tool is very user-friendly. No prior experience is needed by the staffing firms to operate the tool. The templates are very easy to customize as per the requirements. The recruiters can either use the built-in templates or can create their own, depending upon their industry needs.

3. Ideal to Cast an Impressive Impression

The resume is actually the first thing that frames the perception about the candidate. Having a great organized resume helps the employer quickly understand the things he/she has been looking for such as experience, skills, expertise etc. If the resume is not well structured, no matter how talented you are, the resume is doomed to get rejected.  Using an ideal template helps to showcase the necessary skills and talent to the employer or the client.

4. Saves Time

Manually building, formatting, and designing a resume requires a lot of time and energy. By the end of the day, a recruiter is able to format only a handful of resumes. Using an automated resume formatting tool allows a recruiter to do the same work in a few minutes. Hiring managers can save a lot of time by using resume templates.

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In this way, staffing agencies can send the same resume to different clients or jobs for different industries. Several versions of a single resume can be created using the resume formatting tool depending upon the nature of the job application.

Tips for Choosing the Best Style for Your Resume

In order to make the resume stand above the competition, there are several choices which have to be made. Let’s have a look.

1. Know Your Audience

While formatting the resume or choosing a template, the first and foremost thing to consider is the audience and the industry for which you are applying the resume. In general, it is always a bad idea to present a loud resume i.e. using non-standards fonts, decorative elements, garbled or excessive formatting. 

While submitting the resume online, make sure that the resume is ATS (applicant tracking system) friendly. Many companies nowadays prefer to use an ATS rather than manually filtering the resumes. So, the best way is to craft a resume that is easy to comprehend by the hiring mangers and the ATSs as well. 

It is obvious for staffing agencies or firms to know the industry to which they are serving. For example: Companies from the financial sector don’t like creative resumes whereas advertising companies do make a note of the aesthetic sense.

2. Keep It Simple

Avoid any kind of fancy formatting as these things become unreadable by the applicant tracking systems. Once the resume is rejected by the ATS, the probability that the resume will be rechecked by the hiring manger is negligible. Always keep the resume simple as it increases the chances of getting selected by the ATS.  

While customizing the templates, make sure to include readable fonts such as Verdana, Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial etc. Also, stick to a font size between 10 and 12 point for better readability.

3. Be Consistent

Maintain a consistency in the complete resume or template. While customizing the template make sure that all the sections follow the same formatting rules. Try to avoid overuse of underlining, bold, italics, capitalization etc.

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Some Unknown Features of a Resume Formatting Tool

It is very important to be qualified for a particular job opening but the thing which needs special attention is the manner those qualifications are presented to get that job. Work opportunities are increasing as the sectors are getting diversified but the number of candidates applying for those opportunities are also increasing simultaneously. The selection procedures are becoming more stringent and digitally dependent. Only the candidates who are able to represent their qualifications, experience, and skills in the best way get an interview call.

It is very important to highlight specific information, use proper font styles and sizes, and give proper heading as per the section. Have a look at some unknown features of resume formatting tools that make the resumes look professional and organized.

1. Uses White Space Liberally

A professional resume formatting service helps to create a minimum of one-inch margin on either side of the resume. It automatically leaves some blank space between two resume sections. It helps to make the resume printer friendly as well as helps in easy identification of several sections.

2. Stick with Two Fonts at the Most

It is evident that using more than two fonts in any document hampers the readability. It is always better to use one font. The choice of second font should be made in such a way that it complements the first one. Choosing a pre-defined template available in the resume formatting tool along with a finer selection of fonts helps to make the resume more readable.   

3. Uses Bullets to Emphasize Accomplishments and Skills

A resume formatting tool uses bullets to highlight accomplishments, skills, and experience. This makes it easier for recruiters to quickly scan the resume and have a glance at the indented key areas. Using bullets make the content visually appealing, printer friendly, and scannable. This ensures that the employers or the hiring managers give attention to the resume rather than just skipping the content.

An ideal resume formatting tool or service provides unprecedented resume formatting solutions that are perfectly customizable as per the needs of companies. 

Winding Up

The first impression says everything, so you have to be very careful while writing and formatting the resume. From borders to margin and from font spacing to headings, each and every element plays a crucial role in how a resume is perceived by the client. A resume is the only key for every future opportunity. Apart from gathering information and content for the resume, it is important to know how this information gets presented.

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