best specialized staffing agency software in 2021

Top 3 Specialized Staffing Agency Software in 2021 – An Overview

Staffing agency software is increasingly becoming a part of every recruiting process. Staffing agencies are assisting candidates in finding the best employment option, and in doing so, they are utilizing available software and apps to simplify search processes.

Agencies are assisting different individuals on multiple levels of expertise and backgrounds, and keeping the applicants and their resumes separated and organized can be a time-consuming, demanding job.

Thankfully, staffing agency software has been developed to help lessen the load of staffing agencies and their employees. A system that saves time and offers a sure way to manage the entire recruitment and hiring process; from placing the applicant with a job to managing the payroll of the consultant.

Specialized staffing agency software can do many things to help recruitment agencies become more efficient and productive. For example, the software can track consultant hours, calculate insurance, VMO, vendor fees, overhead costs, and offer payroll management and more.

The overall purpose of specialized staffing agency software is to make recruiting easier for organizations, companies, and recruiters. It’s also designed to organize and format information so that a systematic approach can be taken when searching and entering data.

make recruiting easier

Specialized staffing agency software renders traditional paperwork, saving time, energy, and essentially taking, a systematic approach offering a more Eco-friendly option for staffing agencies across the nation.

Finding job vacancies, integrating job boards, websites, voice-over-internet protocol, and migrating data all in one place is possible with the help of specialized staffing agency software. Saving hours in the recruiting and hiring process is possible when using staffing agency software.

Meeting the needs of applicants and employers alike has never been more straightforward, organized, and effective.

Knowing the importance of choosing staffing agency software for your company, we have tested the top 3 software on the market in 2021 and listed the strengths and weaknesses of each one of them.

The staffing agency software tested out are:

  1. Staffing agency software #1: Recruiteze – A New Smarter Way to Hire
  2. Staffing agency software #2: Zoho Recruit
  3. Staffing agency software #3: Bullhorn

Staffing agency software #1: Recruiteze

Staffing agency software #1: Recruiteze

Recruteze is an applicant tracking software that helps individuals organize and improve their recruitment process.

Recruiteze Strengths

  • Adjustable workflow – Instead of adjusting your entire work organization to software, with Recruteze already established, the workflow can easily be updated. If you want to design a new workflow, you can efficiently perform this action in its software.
  • Easy to publish job ads – Recruiteze features job ads for most popular job searching platforms such as ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor. This will ensure that candidates can see your job ads and timely apply for opening positions.
  • Easy communication with outsourcing agencies – Its CRM will ensure all your contacts and requirements are in one place to avoid data loss on time.
  • Easy to create questionnaires – To help you organize candidates and ensure the selection of top choices, you can create Screener Questions and simplify the hiring process.
  • Mass messaging – With Recruiteze, you can broadcast emails to candidates to keep them updated and informed about related topics.

However, testing out the tool yourself will help you judge whether it is right for you the best. Click here if you want to use Recruiteze for free during a 15-day free trial now.

Recruiteze Weaknesses

  • Focus mostly on SMBs – This is not necessarily a weakness, but it is worth mentioning that Recruiteze currently doesn’t collaborate with Enterprises.
  • Needs more integrations – Even though Recruiteze focuses on basic integrations to ensure their uninterrupted functioning, integration with popular external apps and platforms is yet to come.

Recruiteze Pricing

Recruiteze Pricing

A perfect opportunity to test Recruiteze is the Starter package.

This package is free for one user and up to 500 candidates. In addition, a free email support and careers page is available.

For the Startup package, which includes up to 3 active jobs features, 24h email support, and more advanced features, you should deduct $21.2/mo from your budget.

For more advanced features Pro Business plan is priced at $42.46/mo, and the Enterprise plan is $84.95/mo.

If none of these plans works for you, a Custom plan is available.

If you prefer Software that features a Starter plan for free and are planning to utilize advanced features down the road, then Recrutieze might be a perfect choice for your SMB.

Check out Recruiteze for free here.

Staffing agency software #2: Zoho Recruit


Staffing agency software #2: Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a remote hiring software that sends micromanagement to history and makes recruiting process easy.

Zoho Recruit Strengths

  • HR-based service – With Zoho Recruit, it is easy to track, take notes and observe candidates’ behavior in the recruiting process. In this way, it is simple to ensure that candidates and recruiters have all relevant information at all times.
  • Integration with audio-video tools – Recording the recruitment process is easy due to integration with tools that provide audio-visual recording of interviews.
  • Easy to use – The UX and UI design are user-friendly and easy to navigate regardless of your level of expertise with recruiting software. To register and follow up on the processes is done in just a couple of steps.

Zoho Recruit Weaknesses

  • Needs more integrations – CRM-based funnel management is not possible to use due to a lack of integrations with external apps.
  • Not well compatible with smartphones – Besides not sending direct messages to candidates via smartphone through the platform, the website is overall not smartphone friendly.

Zoho Recruit pricing

Zoho Recruit pricing

As far as the pricing goes, there are a couple of options to choose from, depending on your needs.

First of all, you have to select one of the utilization options, Corporate HRS, Staffing Agency, or Temporary Workforce. Since we are talking about Staffing Agencies, the prices featured are for this exact purpose.

Options to select payment currency in its calculator are GBP or EUR.

Zoho Recruit features three plans:

  1. The standard plan is 20GBP/mo; it features candidate sourcing and tracing as well as resume management.
  2. Professional plan features Security control, Portal management, and Assessments for 40 GBP/mo.
  3. Enterprise plan with advanced features such as autoresponders, authentication permissions, and different options for account management is 60 GBP/mo.

If you are looking for an HR replacement or HR helping software, Zoho Recruit might be a good fit for your business.

Staffing agency software #3: Bullhorn

Staffing agency software #3: Bullhorn

Bullhorn is a CRM and staffing software for managing the recruiting process at all levels.

Bullhorn Strengths

  • Candidate housing – Bullhorn performs well in linking candidates with available job openings. It separates relevant information to provide accurate information that matches the company’s requirements.
  • Well-integrated Integrations with lead generation apps such as DiscoverOrg helps with data entry processes by allowing copy-paste function directly into the system.
  • Easy to use – The design of the software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Availability of information that you might require is easy to find with a simple google search or via support.

Bullhorn Weaknesses

  • Some of the functions are outdated – This also includes manual insertion of fields, issues with cookie policy, and edits in the interface.
  • Uploading resumes is time-consuming – besides the manual processing of CV insertion, the software is not responding to the LinkedIn workflow.

Bullhorn Pricing

To know Bullhorn pricing, you have to request it. Unfortunately, this is a massive downside of this software as transparency in pricing and payment options are unavailable and very difficult to find on their website.

Bullhorn Pricing

Bullhorn is very secretive about its pricing. Their still manual workflows are huge downsides of this software.

Staffing agency software is an excellent solution for businesses and the overall management of the recruiting process. Depending on your needs, integration with lead generation apps can be beneficial in finding top candidates-which is something to look for in available software.

If you prefer to test the software before typing your credit card info for purchasing plans, Recruiteze features a free trial and a free plan.

Whether you’re a staffing or recruitment agency or a corporate talent acquisition team, staffing software like Recruiteze and iReformat can help change the way you place individuals in open positions.

Click here to try Recruiteze today for FREE!

If you are already using any of these software and would like to switch, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

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