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Specialized Staffing Agency Software

staffing agency softwareStaffing agencies all across the country help those in need of a job find temporary and hourly positions, as well as, place applicants in a direct hire-type position. As a service that fills labor needs in any type of company, staffing agencies must work with hundreds of different applications with many different skill sets.

Because staffing agencies work with so many different individuals, on multiple levels of expertise and backgrounds, keeping the applicants and their resumes separated and organized can be a time consuming, difficult job.

Thankfully, staffing and recruitment software have been developed to help lessen the load of staffing agencies and their employees by offering a system that not only saves them time, but also offers them a sure way to manage the entire recruitment and hiring process; from placing the applicant with a job to managing the payroll of the consultant.

Specialized staffing agency software can do many things to help staffing agencies become more efficient and productive. The software can track consultant hours, calculate insurance, VMO, vendor fees and overhead costs, as well as, offer payroll management and more.

The overall purpose for specialized staffing agency software is to make recruiting/finding, hiring/laboring employees easier for organizations, companies and recruiters. It’s also designed to organize and format information so that a systematic approach can be taken when searching and entering data.

Specialized staffing agency software renders traditional paperwork useless, saving time, energy and essentially, offering a more Eco-friendly option for staffing agencies across the nation.

Finding job vacancies, integrating job boards, websites and voice over internet protocol, and migrating data all in one place is possible with the help of specialized staffing agency software. Saving hours in the recruiting and hiring process is possible when using a staffing agency software.

Whether you’re a staffing or recruitment agency or a corporate talent acquisition team, a specialized staffing agency software like Recruiteze and iReformat can help change the way you place individuals in open positions. Meeting the needs of applicants and employers, alike, has never been more straightforward, organized and effective.

Free Staffing Agency Software

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