Some Words from Our Happy

“When we first purchased Recruiteze, we were looking for a product with three attributes: ease of use, ease of uploading existing profiles, and low price. As a small startup recruiter, I had partnered with an accounting professional who knew nothing about the capabilities of this type of software. Recruiteze did not disappoint.

After working closely with the customer support team (always hear back within a few hours!) we were able to customize the functions that we needed, and work easily within the framework to post, communicate, and house our candidate pool. There were many improvements along the way including better searching, better email template set up, and increased dashboard functions.

We will stay with Recruiteze and will continue to work with this affordable, easy to use, customer-focused software!”
Kimberly Hauxhurst
We have been using Recruiteze for some time now. Ours is a new school with a limited budget, so we needed to look for a comprehensive applicant tracking system that’s scalable, budget-friendly, time efficient, and easy to use. Our team researched a few companies, and Recruiteze has been the best value for money. It provides completely customizable screening questionnaires, their founder is very passionate, and their service team is very responsive. Despite the time difference, we’ve never had any issue pending for more than a day. We strongly recommend Recruiteze!
Debarshi Mukherjee
Viking International School (Copenhagen, Denmark)
I am very pleased and impressed with the functionality of Recruiteze. As an HR professional, I have used a number of applicant tracking systems during my career. Some look beautiful but operate poorly. Some are overly complicated. Recruiteze is the best of both worlds. It is very intuitive to use, so I didn’t need to take training classes or watch videos before posting my first job and getting a great pool of candidates. When I have had questions, I get a response almost immediately, which I truly appreciate when talent acquisition can be such a time sensitive issue. I am very happy to have selected Recruiteze!
Joey Kolasinsky
Augustine Institute
When iReformat first rolled out, I was shocked. I didn’t know a tool could be created to convert a street resume to a templated format. It used to take a significant amount of time to reformat a candidate’s resume into our company template, largely due to all the different formats the candidates used. Within seconds, iReformat does the job for you. It’s a game-changer!
Julie Wolfe
Techguard Security
"We have been using the iReformat platform for 18 months now, and it has saved us thousands of hours across the business, massively increasing the speed for consultants formatting CVs. This means more time to speak to clients and candidates, which has resulted in increased recruitment fees across our teams. I highly recommend it."
Kevin Halligan
Azon Recruitment Group
We've used Recruiteze and iReformat for the past 3 years and are very happy with the time-savings and efficiencies the applications have created for my business. From simply storing old resumes through actively recruiting new positions, Recruiteze has been easy to work with. It's made hiring a ton easier. That's important for me as an already stretched small business owner.
Jeremy Sisk
Xperience4Higher Inc.

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