Top 17 signs you have made a bad hire

free online recruiting softwareA good hire makes a big difference to your team and your bottom line. Similarly a bad hire costs you in more than one way.

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Everyone knows a bad hire will cost you, but you might not be aware of all the different ways it affects your team and bottom line.
If you are the manager of this bad hire, the first thing is you need to do is identify this quickly to control the damage that it will result in.

How to spot a bad hire?

Here are some common behaviors of an employee who is not a good fit for the position.

  • Take a long time onboarding – Depending on the size of the organization. Onboarding might involve formal multi-day training about the products and services for a large organization. For a small business, the owner or hiring manager will provide an employee manual and show them the products and services in a few meetings. A bad hire will take a long time to understand your products and services, or do not have much idea about your company or industry.
  • Taking a long time to complete the first deliverable – If you are good manager, you will slowly ease the new employee into the team/role/project by giving a simple time bound task. If the employee is not able to complete the task within the time frame without reasonable cause, that is a bad sign.
  • Takes up too much of your time – If the employee constantly asks you a lot of questions about the task at hand. If the questions seem very rudimentary and does not add much value, that is a sign of a bad hire.
  • Irrelevant questions – Asking questions to show the involvement, but they are irrelevant to the job at hand. This is a sign they are trying to stall, since they are not sure what needs to be done.
  • Pestering other team members – Bothering other team members often asking tips on how to get the task done, questions about the task. Asking the same question with different team members. All this means the employee really does not understand your product/service.
  • Not having the skills – If the employee asks basic questions about how to execute/implement a certain task. If they say they are not sure how to do this task, check their resume to see if they have listed this skill in their resume. Recall to see if you asked them questions related to this skill in the interview. If you feel they misrepresented, quiz them again to see if they have what it takes. Unless you have hired a fresh graduate or an intern, an experienced professional should have the required skills to complete their job.
  • Getting into arguments with other team members – If they get into arguments with other team members, this is usually a bad sign. This will demoralize the existing team members and have an uneasy meeting environment.
  • Complaints – Complaining about everything from commute, to restaurants, to the coffee machine. This is usually a bad sign, since they knew what they were getting into from the start.
  • Blaming others – If they start blaming others for their problems, unless they are blaming for a valid reason, this usually is a bad sign.
  • Not able to reach – Some employees have a tendency to disappear during work hours to run errands. If they do not inform and they are not reachable, this has an impact to the other team members. This will result in bad team morale and missed deadlines. This is an early warning sign that this might not work out.
  • Spends too much time on the phone – The employee could either be spending time on social media sites or still actively looking for another job. This is another early warning sign that you made a bad hire.
  • Existing team members are not happy – If the existing team members are not happy with the constant questions, attitude or lack of knowledge of the new employee. This sure is a bad sign that will affect the performance of the whole team and not just the employee.
  • Making the same mistakes – If they are making the same mistakes over and over again, then it sure means they do not understand the job. Most likely they do not have the required skills for the job.
  • Too many excuses – If the employee gives too many excuses for coming in late, leaving early or not able to deliver, then this is a sign that they might not be the right person for the job.
  • Poor quality of the job – If they are delivering substandard work, which someone else must fix or raises numerous issues, then this is a definite sign of a bad hire.
  • You are thinking about the employee at night – If you are thinking about the employee at night, then that means you are not sure you made the right hire and do not have confidence that the new employee is going to deliver. This sure is another warning sign to act.

If you are checking more than 6 of these points above for an employee, it sure is time to act.

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