Online Recruiting Systems

Online Recruiting SystemAre you interested in an easy, organized way to keep up with applicants that apply for jobs at your business? Do you find it difficult to filter through hundreds of resumes, countless times a week, only to find that your productivity level isn’t where it should be? If so, you might want to consider using an Online Recruiting System.


What is An Online Recruiting System?

An online recruiting system helps with contact management, as well as increases productivity for recruiters. Mostly used in staffing agencies, online recruiting software is different from an applicant tracking system. Online recruiting system software helps recruiters search for job applicants when needed, as well as offers placement and interview tracking. Even more, online recruiting software offers automated management of daily tasks for recruiting firms and staffing agencies.

Why Use Online Recruiting System?

Online recruitment systems offers increased productivity and cost savings, as the software itself offers an automated recruiting process that reduces the need for manual processes and paperwork.

What Features Does our Online Recruiting Software Offer?

  • User-friendly for all administrative needs
  • Ability to post jobs that are available on websites and other job boards/bank
  • Ability to house all data needed for recruitment purposes
  • Assess and rank all applicants
  • Job and applicant tracking
  • Offers a schedule to help with interviewing
  • Report generator

Good communication is needed for successful recruiting purposes and using an online recruitment system can help make that possible. In addition, online recruitment systems helps keep records and hiring information organized and ready to use, without hassle.

Free Online Recruiting System | Recruiteze

Are you interested in a software system that helps you track applicants, format resumes and keep track of everything that goes into the overall recruitment process in an easy way that saves time and money? Consider using online recruitment software like Recruiteze!

Recruiteze allows candidates to apply, and be added to your database immediately, in an online, user friendly way. End-users can access candidate resumes online and make changes quickly and easily. Tracking talent has never been easier with your included custom job board as well. It allows candidates and customers easy access to information, and creates a level of professionalism that’s expected in today’s marketplace. Try our free online recruiting system! You get all of this, plus a whole lot more.

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