5 Best ATS For Staffing Agencies – 2023 Reviews and Pricing

5 Best ATS For Staffing Agencies - 2023 Reviews and Pricing

Recruitment processes are getting automated globally regardless of where they are executed- in-house, staffing agency, placement, and consultancy firm or any outsourced recruitment agency.

The e-market is flooded with recruitment software, and the technology is being upgraded at a swift pace. The companies are left with no choice but to implement the software they might otherwise lose on their competitors. Finding good recruitment software is the need of the hour.

Around 80% of companies across the world hire staffing firms to get their employees on board. Hiring through ATS or staffing software helps the staffing firm to provide best-fit, talented, and qualified candidates to the client company.

In this article, we will discuss:

  1. What is a staffing agency
  2. What is a typical lifecycle of recruitment in a staffing agency
  3. Top 10 reasons why staffing agencies need recruitment software
  4. Features to consider when choosing the best recruitment software for agencies
  5. And finally, best ATS for Staffing Agencies

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is a recruitment organization that finds and matches candidates to clients’ job requirements.

For a staffing agency to grow and thrive, it needs clients and candidates. Clients and candidates are the two important actors in the staffing agency recruitment lifecycle.

Without clients, there cannot be job orders, which can lead to placements. Without matching candidates for a job, there cannot be placements. Successful placements are what generate revenue for a staffing agency.

What is a Typical Lifecycle of Recruitment in a Staffing Agency?

Here are the steps in a recruitment lifecycle of a staffing agency:

  • Job Order – The first step is receiving the job order from a client.
  • Gathering Additional Details – Once the job order is received, the next step is to review the order carefully and get clarifications from the hiring manager. This is a crucial step to find and match the ideal candidate for the job.
  • Posting Job Advertisement – After a job order is received, the job is usually advertised on various job portals and social media channels so that qualified applicants can review the job and apply for it.
  • Reviewing Applications – Once the applications start coming in, you should carefully review each application to see if the candidate has the required skills, education, and experience. During the review, candidates who do not match are rejected, and the promising ones are shortlisted for the next step of the process.
  • Preliminary Phone Screen – This is another critical step to getting additional information regarding the application and resume details from the candidate and asking pertinent questions to understand their strengths and experience. During this step, the recruiter will also get the salary and rate requirements from the candidate.

There can be additional optional steps in the hiring process, like conducting aptitude tests, skill tests, or culture fit tests.

Top 10 reasons why staffing agencies need recruitment software

Here are the top reasons why staffing agencies should consider recruitment software as part of their process:

  1. Acquiring Contracts, Nurturing and Tracking Clients made easy for Staffing Agencies
  2. Streamlines Candidate Search Process
  3. Saves cost
  4. Scrutinizing Work for the Staffing Agency
  5. Work from Anywhere, Anytime
  6. Tracking Passive Candidates
  7. Fulfilling the KRAs
  8. Formatting Resumes
  9. Fully Secure and 100% Authentic
  10. No Infrastructure needed

Let’s go over each one of these more in-depth!

1. Acquiring Contracts, Nurturing and Tracking Clients made easy for Staffing Agencies

There is a lot of difference in the working of in-house ATS and recruitment software for staffing agencies.

A recruitment software exclusively designed for recruiting firms has to deal with client acquisition, repeat business for the same client, contacts, contracts, and resume sorting and formatting.

The software has much to do in acquiring contracts, tracking, and nurturing clients, just like what a CRM does for the company.

2. Streamlines Candidate Search Process

Unlike in an in-house organization, the main focus of the staffing agency is to offer seamless coordination for recruitment.

Here, HR aims to devise the right interviewing methods to evaluate which candidate fits best with the company’s culture. But things are entirely different for staffing firms. Their prime focus is to search for the best candidates who may turn into prospective employees of the company.

A recruitment software does exactly what is required, such as maintaining the candidate database, maintaining good relationships with candidates, quicker and more diverse search options that are delivered quickly to the clients.

Ideal recruitment software helps to:

  • Reach out to more candidates through various sources
  • Handle more volume of candidate data
  • Shortlist great candidates and make perfect matches in just a blink of an eye

3. Saves cost

Most of the staffing agencies are small to midsize, and it becomes an expensive affair to have a full-time recruiter(s) as the firm has to offer the employee salary and all other benefits.

A staffing agency software needs an initial investment, but the benefits are worth the expenditure and are instant and long-lasting. As most of the work gets automated, the firm can work on other areas such as building relationships with clients and candidates, pitching more customers, etc.

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4. Scrutinizing Work for the Staffing Agency

The staffing agency software automatically uploads the resumes received from various platforms such as websites, social media, or job boards. After resume collection, everything starting from resume formatting to resume sifting is done by the software.

It is capable of handling hundreds of resumes in just a second. The notifications are sent to the selected candidates automatically. The only work left for the staffing firms is to interview and finalize the candidates.

5. Work from Anywhere, Anytime

The modern-day staffing agency software is cloud-based or what you call SAAS-based. As everything is online, the agency members can easily work from any remote location, and all that is required is the internet and a mobile device.

Now the staffing firms can also schedule a preliminary test online with the help of recruiting software, which will help save a lot of paper and hassles.

6. Tracking Passive Candidates

For running a successful staffing firm, the members of the staffing firm should know how and from where to get the candidates. The gig economy’s growth has posed several challenges for the staffing firms as most of the specialized professionals are becoming freelancers.

So, tracking the availability of the candidates is something very crucial for a quality result.

The staffing firm doesn’t need to take the pain of creating and maintaining a candidate pool, as the recruiting software does that free of cost.

7. Fulfilling the KRAs

The Key Responsibilities Areas or the KRAs are different for a staffing agency and an in-house organization.

On the one hand, if an in-house organization gauges the quality and speed of hire, there is a lot more to do in a staffing firm.

The staffing agency owner has to gauge metrics such as growth over the previous year, margin per recruiter, client satisfaction, etc. Here the ATS or the recruiting software helps the owner to achieve their KRAs and track growth.

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8. Formatting Resumes

Apart from parsing the resumes, the inbuilt resume formatting does wonders. Now all resumes can be aligned in one pre-defined template. The staffing software comes with pre-defined templates, which can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the client company.

The resumes are automatically parsed, formatted, and appended to the candidate database instantly. Formatting the resumes such as text, borders, font, borders, etc., all are done within seconds.

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9. Fully Secure and 100% Authentic

Staffing agencies hold sensitive data for both clients and candidates. Therefore, they need ultra-strong software that secures their database and portal access and other transactional keys.

10. No Infrastructure needed

Having cloud-based staffing agency software eliminates the need to purchase any additional server or infrastructure required by the firm. Most of the software in the market follows a subscription model or pay-as-you-go model, which means that you need to pay only for the services used.

Apart from that, the firms no longer have to take the pain of calling the professional and getting their software updated. All the upgrades or patch fixing are done automatically when the system is idle. This offers a seamless and uninterrupted environment for recruiting firms to help them stand above the crowd.

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Hiring great people has nothing to do with the company size. In fact, you can pitch some great employees for the big companies. All that you need is the right direction, the right equipment, and the right recruiting software.

Features to consider when choosing the best recruitment software for agencies

Now that you know the essential aspects of a staffing business, you can see it will be immensely helpful to use software to manage all staffing aspects. Staffing agency software can help manage a staffing agency recruiter’s complete recruitment lifecycle.

Here are the features of a staffing agency software that helps a recruiter:

  • Job Publishing – Once the recruiter has all the details of a job order, the next step is to post and publish a job advertisement on job boards and social media channels. Recruitment agency software will allow you to do this with one click. One-click publish saves a lot of time since you do not have to maintain different accounts on the various job boards and post and publish on each of them.
  • Customizable Application Forms/Screener Questions – This is an essential feature of modern staffing agency software. By adding a custom application form, you can quickly shortlist qualified applicants and also reject non-qualified applicants.
  • Customizable Workflows – Once your custom workflow is set up in the staffing agency software for your agency, it becomes effortless to manage numerous applications and allows the recruitment team to work together effectively.
  • CRM – Staffing agency software is also called recruitment CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It helps you manage all your clients, hiring manager, and candidate information in one place. With the CRM features, all team members have access to the consolidated data of all notes, tasks, communications, and history.
  • Resume Database – As you are receiving applications, your resume database will grow. A modern recruitment agency software will allow you to organize your candidate data through workflows and tags easily. A good candidate database makes it easier to place qualified candidates quickly.
  • Communications – Communication is a crucial aspect of the recruitment business. A recruiter needs to maintain proper communication with clients, hiring managers, and candidates to make more placements. Staffing agency software can help immensely by allowing you to create customizable email templates.
  • Job Portal Management – A modern staffing agency software also acts as a job portal management system. It allows you to quickly create branded career portals and manage the active jobs on your career page through a job widget.

Recruiteze UI

Best ATS For Staffing Agencies #1: Recruiteze

Finally, let’s discuss some of the best recruitment software for staffing agencies we have in 2021.

Recruiteze benefits

Yes, this is our software, but hear us out. We will let our benefits and features tell why Recruiteze is a great recruiting software for staffing agencies.

Here’s a list of features that Recruiteze offer:

  • Customizable Forms – Customize forms for different jobs so that they match the company and job role.
  • Career Pages – Let visitors know what job openings you have with straightforward career page widgets that automatically stay up to date.
  • Bulk Emails – Need to send dozens or even hundreds of emails at once? No problem, with Recruiteze, you can send personalized emails to multiple candidates at once.
  • Tags and filters – Our advanced tagging system allows you to sort candidates and resumes in a systematic way that will allow you to filter them later on with ease.
  • Email Address Integration – send and receive emails through the platform from your own account and stay updated.
  • CRM – We know that managing candidates, clients, and vendors can be a handful task. Our CRM makes this process easy and straightforward. Keep all your communications and notes in one place and share them with your teammates.
  • Job Broadcasting – Share jobs on multiple platforms at once, including ZipRecruiter, GlassDoor, Indeed, and many more.
  • Resume Formatting with iReformat – Parse resumes, add them to the candidate database, and reformat the information however you like. You can create however many templates you need.
  • Customizable workflows, reports, and many more.

iReformat - A recruiter's best friend (benefits)

Recruiteze is an excellent choice for staffing agencies that want to have all of their recruitment efforts handled by one software.

Another pro is that you can test out all of our features entirely for free during the 15 days free trial without giving your credit card information. At the end of the free trial, you won’t have to worry about being billed, and if you want, you can subscribe to whichever plan fits your needs the best.