Tips for Working with a Healthcare Recruiter

free online applicant tracking systemWorking with a recruiter in the healthcare industry is beneficial. They know what you’re up against and can help you sift through various positions and more. This sector is a very competitive world that can be quite challenging at times. One, technology is constantly changing. That means that while obtaining your degree you might learn software or other IT systems that are obsolete by the time you graduate. Thankfully companies like Recruiteze keeps their free online applicant tracking system up to date.

Recruiters know where open positions are available and why they’re open. This can help you find the perfect career. According to, “Look for a recruiter who specializes in your healthcare area. Get referrals from friends or professional acquaintances, or research possibilities in a sourcebook, such as Kennedy Information’s The Directory of Executive Recruiters. Send your resume to a few recruiters who specialize in your area, then following up by phone to gauge your rapport with them. Work with the one whose style most closely matches your own.”

Choosing a Recruiter 

When choosing someone to help you find a job, consider their expertise. Make sure they’ve worked in this field before. If they haven’t you might want to look elsewhere. As we’ve said, working in this sector is competitive. There aren’t as many positions available as one might think. Even more, the amount of professionals looking for work is overwhelming. You need to choose the right recruiter from the beginning of your search to ensure you find a career that works for you.

Below, you’ll find a few tips that should help you while you’re working with a recruiter in this highly competitive field.

Be Flexible

There will be times that you are called about a position that isn’t exactly what you want. Ask yourself, will it help me achieve my goals? If it does, consider taking it, especially if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity for a while. You don’t need to forgo your goals just to get a job, but you might need to keep your options open and take something else while working your way up.

Take Advantage

Your recruiter knows the healthcare industry inside and out. Use that to your advantage. They can show you where to apply, who’s seeking new help and which companies might be a great fit for you, even if they’re not currently looking to fill a position. Also, be sure to only work with one recruiter at a time. Using multiple people won’t result in getting the best benefits. You’ll overlap with job applications and cause problems for each recruiter you work with.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to salary, work history or other things that could come up during the overall hiring process. If you expect a certain salary, tell them. If your work history is questionable, offer more details. Also, be sure to talk through anything that might lead to an issue down the road.

Don’t Get Comfortable

Just because a recruiter is doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to searching for your next position, don’t sit back and relax. Continue networking and searching on your own. You can’t expect them to do it all. Help out with the research, networking and searching for a new job.

Know What You Need

You might not need a recruiter, depending on the position you’re hoping to acquire. According to, “If you’re looking for a traditional staff-level position in a hospital or other clinical setting, you probably won’t benefit from a recruiter’s services. However, a recruiter could help if you’re seeking a position in healthcare management or administration, healthcare information technology, pharmaceutical sales or medical-device sales. Recruiters will even work with inexperienced candidates who have the right credentials, such as recent MBA graduates seeking pharma sales positions or technology professionals or scientists with master’s degrees.”

Recruiters in the Healthcare Field

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