10 Signs You Are in Love with a Small Company Applicant Tracking System 

Are the applicant candidates ghosting you? Are the innumerable job applications, most of which are futile, overwhelming you? Does replacing a job and finding a new one sound like a harassing task? This wouldn’t be a trauma anymore if you have installed the new and most effective small company applicant tracking system (ATS).

small company applicant tracking system

What Is an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking systems are on-premise or cloud-based software that automate and optimize the collection of resumes. An ATS sorts out the most trivial to the most significant hiring complications including the following:

  • Posting jobs to multiple sites
  • Exploring career pages
  • Uploading resumes
  • Parsing resumes to make them available
  • Storing resumes for future use
  • Communicating with the suitable candidates
  • Ruling out irrelevant resumes

We know that you have installed the ATS and you simply love it. The increased efficiency and the time saved in recruiting and onboarding a new employee have now been cut down tremendously. It is a magical formula of hiring ‘the best fit’ in no time so that your work doesn’t suffer.

Here are ten signs which tell us that you are in love with the small company Applicant Tracking System:

  1. Instant Online Job Board Posting

Now that your job posting ad travels across various portals without being stressed about it sounds exciting. The time wasted in posting across various job openings site can be cut down by ATS. The automated social sharing and search engine listing is an advantage for the company which would have otherwise consumed a lot of energy and time.

You are not very social media savvy or you may be pressed for time to look out for new posts. The small company applicant tracking system serves as a strong and powerful medium of reliving the hiring manager from the task of creating the job listing and then posting across various channels to start getting applications.

2. Mobile Responsive Career Page

You love the newly installed ATS because of its dynamic feature of being mobile friendly.  Your small business applicant tracking system can be in sync with your mobile, making hiring an easier and quicker process. The ease in job posting and ease in job browsing with just a click of a button have made you fall in love with your small company ATS.

Most applicants prefer applying through their mobile phones rather than desktops or laptops. Hence this mandates the need to make the application process compatible with mobile devices.

The most efficient small business ATS providers make sure that you get a full career site experience which can be scaled and optimized for the device/handset you use. The whole process of creating content, site navigation, and employer branding are within reach.

3. An Exhaustive Resume Search

What is irksome is receiving zillions of applications, when not even half are remotely close to the hiring requirements. A thorough analysis and scrutiny are done by the small company applicant tracking system and thousands of applications which are absolutely not related to the job profile will be screened.

Based on various parameters, a plethora of not-so suitable contenders are eliminated and massive time is saved. This is enough a reason to bring a million-dollar smile to your face as it relieves you the stress of hunting for the suitable application.

4. Custom Job Codes

An ATS is well-equipped to handle and align multiple job codes and link them to various job boards. Do it manually and you’ll be exhausted!

Apart from this you must have noticed that any additional field that is specific to the business can be added to the career portal. This means you can design the job applications by annexing additional features that you may want to add to customize the job openings for a specific task. We see another reason for you to smile.

5. Parsing Resumes

The trauma of scrutinizing manifold resumes and shortlisting a bare few seems like a mammoth task. Not anymore! An ATS can take care of adding/editing the candidates and their details to the database and you are relieved of the daunting task of perusing manually.

For a single job opening, screening multiple applications is futile. With an ATS, the resume parser extracts useful information from resumes and makes them accessible for any job. With parsing semantic capabilities, overuse and hyped resumes can be detected easily.

We know the reason that you are so comfortable with an ATS is because it actually sidelines junk resumes and brings up the best ones. What’s more, it can even send the appropriate candidates to the relevant managers or correct client.

6. Connectivity of Job Applications and Career Page

A small company applicant tracking system enables hosting of the career page where the job applications can easily connect. Now you have an attractive career page which can be easily accessed through a unique link. The job opening information is displayed on the link and candidates can apply there.

A user-friendly career page gives a touch of professionalism and streamlines the process of hiring and recruiting. Since this career site is the candidate facing-front end, the content should be relevant, compatible, and compelling for easy job search and search engines.

A customized career page annexed to recruiting software is a big shout-out for branding opportunities. Built-in and customizable integrations reduce redundant data entry tasks and streamline work flow. A self-screening career page is the need of the future!

7. Track Candidates

An ATS is a powerful database for the company for current and future requirements. It helps with tracking candidates to enable them to shortlist for custom and standard fields.

To streamline workflow an ATS refines the search by filtering needs like requisition and location. The most precise needs of the organization can easily be met with a customized small company applicant tracking system. We know that you benefit from this one immensely.

8. Flexible Workflows

Apart from tracking candidates and the records, an ATS makes the workflow smoother by catering to varied demands of different managers and departments.

An ATS can incorporate various questions, location details, educational backgrounds, and other technical aspects that can make the data handy and available in case of specific needs. The pre-screening questions and organizing of the workflow by positions is what endears ATS to small and big businesses alike.

All this paves the way quickly and easily for further interviews and screening.

9. Customized E-Mail Templates

Handling bulk e-mails and responding to all the job applications is an overwhelming task. This is well taken care of by an ATS that is equipped with in-depth e-mail integration. Sending personal or bulk e-mails to user-specified candidate groups can simplify the communication process. This e-mail integration system links the personal e-mail accounts from various clients and makes them accessible within the small company applicant tracking system. Well-crafted and personalized recruiting e-mail templates helps reduce the workload.

Sending out personalized bulk e-mails to various candidates and clients was never so easy!

10. Effective Communication

Hassle-free and effective communication to acclimatize the newly recruited employee keeps the workflow moving.  Communicating with the candidates a receipt of their application, rejecting candidates, and facilitating the hiring process are all a mandatory part of the ATS software. It further helps by sending a rejection letter or letter for interview to the right candidate.

Communicating from within the software when their application has come in and you have accumulated their resume and notes is essentially a boon with an ATS. An ATS enables sending thoughtful automated communications and makes the whole process of communication transparent and effective.


Stress levels have been eased with the updated applicant tracking system (ATS). Right from sourcing candidates, posting to job boards, replying individually by mails, uploading and formatting resumes, to organizing information about the candidates was never so easy. Now you have organized and streamlined the whole process of hiring and recruiting. It has been synchronized for future job referrals as well.

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