7 Ingenious Tips for Effective Mobile Recruiting by using Small Business ATS

Recruiting is no longer a 9 to 5 job. It is more like a continuous process that involves the evaluation of the new candidate as well as existing employees. The recruiters need to take along other team members when making the hiring decisions. A small business ATS (applicant Tracking System) helps recruiters stay connected. But what happens when recruiters leave their desks?

Small Business ATS

Recruiters need to stay connected 24/7 in this tight candidate-driven market. Mobile recruitment is the ultimate solution. They need an applicant tracking system that is available at every moment. This is only possible if their small business ATS enables hiring through the smartphone as well.

Why is mobile recruitment increasingly becoming an essential component of recruitment?

A small business ATS promotes teamwork. It brings together all members of the team on one single platform. Even if a team member is working from a remote location, he can still keep up with the hiring decisions. Things become more streamlined and decisions go well-informed.

Using a small business ATS significantly amps up the candidate experience. The hiring manager can quickly reply via email, text or live chat with the potential hires.  When the recruiters respond quickly to the candidates, it prevents the formation of a negative perception of the employer brand and the organization.

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How mobile recruiting works?

Most of the recruiters and HR persons are jam-packed with their work. They rarely find quality time to spend with the candidates during the interview. As their work is more desk light and travel-ready, they need a mobile-friendly small business ATS. Such an ATS helps recruiters in becoming micro-efficient.

Have a look at what recruiters can do with a mobile-friendly applicant tracking system.

  • The recruiters can have a look at the candidates shortlisted by the ATS.
  • Acknowledgment and notification emails are automatically triggered by the applicant tracking system.
  • View the recruiting funnel and share the feedback/opinion of the candidates undergoing recruitment drive.
  • Read the candidate profile on the go before taking an interview.
  • The advanced small business ATS is cloud-based, they can be accessed from any place across the globe. It significantly lowers the chances of losing out on a great candidate.
  • A small business ATS is social media compatible. Therefore, all the resumes received from social media are automatically converted into profiles and stored in the database.
  • A shared calendar helps the recruiters and the candidates to decide on the interview date in a hassle-free manner.

What are some tips for optimizing mobile recruiting using a small business ATS?

Small business ATS is a wonderful tool but it needs planning as well. If the recruitment strategies are not optimized then it may lead to a lack of coordination amongst the team. The candidate experience may suffer badly.

Here are some ways to optimize mobile recruiting using a small business ATS.

1.     Keep the Hiring Funnel Moving

It is very important to keep the hiring funnel going. With the entering of new candidates, the pipeline keeps on changing every day. The recruiters need to proactively manage the candidates at each recruitment stage. This helps the candidates to stay connected as well as keep the recruiting team on top of the recruitment pipeline.

With a cloud-based ATS, the team can work remotely as well. The team-mates can review the resumes and applications in just a click. The overall response time for the candidates gets lowered. This boosts their candidate experience and they feel sorted.

2.     Automation- Milk it!

Yes! You need to bring out maximum advantage from the automation. An online ATS saves a lot of time and effort as it automates the entire repetitive and monotonous hiring tasks. Opting for a mobile-friendly ATS, the same automation tasks can be done on smartphones as well. Such as, automatic emails can be triggered, notifying the candidates about their status. Rather than manually typing acknowledgments for resumes, automating them would be credible. There are a number of email and job-description templates available on a small business ATS.

The recruiters can just customize them even while commuting i.e. in real-time, thereby, saving a lot of time for other HR works.

3.     Social Recruiting

Most of the online ATS available in the market come with social media support. This helps the recruiters to stay connected with all the social media channels and online job boards from one single platform.  The job description can be floated on all the mediums in just a single click.

All the resumes received or candidate profiles are automatically stored in the candidate database or pipeline. The recruiters just need to fire a search query for their job descriptions. An online ATS shortlists the candidates within fractions of seconds.

It is very essential to stay up front on social media so as to stay competitive, visible and to binge on the right candidates. Apart from that, a small business ATS helps the recruiters to keep the passive candidates engaged as well.

The recruiters can engage the passive candidates by sending them emails related to upcoming job-vacancies, company culture, work culture, etc. So, whenever these candidates plan to switch their job, they can be easily tapped.

4.     Analyze the Analytics Diligently

The ATS analytics are merely just not some piece of data. These are vital for the success of any recruiting drive. Analytics are just like your report card that helps the recruiters to understand what things are working and what not.

For example: If you are not receiving good volumes of resumes from Facebook but LinkedIn is performing well, you can suitably redefine your strategies. It also helps to know, candidates from which age group or location are finding the jobs interesting.

5.     Plan in Advance

Certain things come handy during mobile recruiting if planned in a proper way. It is always better to keep the r