Accelerating Your Company’s Hiring Process, continued

applicant tracking system for small businessAre you hoping to streamline your hiring process in order to eliminate mistakes and time consuming tasks? If so, you’ve come to the right place! During our last blog post we started discussing ways to accelerate recruiting.

Today, we will continue with even more great ideas that should help you! Did you know that an applicant tracking system for small business hiring projects can make recruiting a lot easier? Did you know you can use Rectruiteze for free? Click here to start recruiting smarter.

Ways to Accelerate the Hiring Process


As you’ve heard many times throughout your life, details matter. However, no matter how many times we hear this, it never really sinks in until it’s too late. This is no different for accelerating hiring procedures. Gather all the details before bringing in a candidate for an interview. Furthermore, also make sure you add every single detail to a job description before it’s published. You’ll find that leaving out key factors, requirements and more will lead to a murky or unrealistic posting that can result in a multitude of inexperienced or over experienced applications.

Before starting the process of hiring new employees sit down and iron out all the details of what you’re looking for, what’s needed for the opportunity and more. Then, when you’ve got a crystal clear picture of what you’re looking for, put out a posting about the position available and weed out all applications that aren’t 100% qualified for the job.

 Revamp Recruiting Strategies

Many companies make their applicants jump through hoops to get an interview. They consider themselves highly sought after so the overall recruiting strategy is tremendous. Why not revamp your procedure? Make things a bit easier and less time consuming. Some businesses think that making the process difficult will help eliminate mistakes and weed out candidates that aren’t right for the job. That’s not the case in many situations. Some applicants get tired of the cat and mouse game, and move on. You may be losing valuable employees by making the overall process too difficult. Besides, nothing is risk free. You won’t be completely eliminating mistakes no matter what type of strategy you have in place.

Remember, in our last blog post we shared some startling information about new hires. According to many studies, the overall hiring procedure is taking longer now than it ever has. In 2010, the process averaged around twelve days. Now, it’s taking almost twenty-two days. That’s nearly double the time in less than a decade.

With the rate things are going, it could soon take a month or more to hire a new employee. That’s why we hope this information helps you accelerate your procedure. If you have questions or are interested in learning about our recruiting software please feel free to contact us! Also remember to visit back with our previous blog post to learn more!

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