Accelerating Your Company’s Hiring Process

Free Resume Management SystemAre you looking for ways to improve your hiring process? Those that spend their days filtering through ATS, interviewing and sending out pre-interview questions via email might be wasting more time than they actually realize. That’s why it’s time to consider better, more efficient options. There are ways to accelerate your company’s recruiting procedure without losing top candidates or forgoing steps.

Below, you’ll find out how! If you’re searching for a free resume management system keep reading to see how Recruiteze can help!

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Take time to evaluate each activity within your current recruiting procedure. Ask yourself the following questions and consider the answers:

  • How long does it take to complete each step?
  • How much time is lost between each of those phases and why?
  • What’s the dropout rate throughout the process?
  • How can you eliminate lost time between stages?
  • Where can you consolidate activities to save time?

After considering the questions above, think about skipping first round interviews and jumping straight into second rounds. How can you do this? Use video interviewing. Managers can review candidate’s pre-interview questions via email and then do the same for online coding test scores in the video interview. This is a great way to save time and streamline the hiring process without taking up the hiring manager’s day with just one applicant.


Making sure you only consider candidates who are 100% qualified and meet all requirements is key. Unfortunately, many companies get all the way through interview and into training before they realize that some applicants aren’t quite ready to do the job. Take time to fully consider each candidate and their past experience before bringing them in to interview. Doing so will eliminate time, costs involved with training and more. Hiring an unqualified person for the job not only costs money, but takes you right back to square one when you find out they’re not ready for the work required.

Research shows that the overall hiring procedure is taking longer now than it ever has. In 2010, the process averaged around twelve days. Now, it’s taking almost twenty-two days. That’s nearly double the time in less than a decade. With the rate things are going, it could soon take a month or more to hire a new employee.

That’s why we hope this information helps you accelerate your procedure. Click here to jump to part two. If you have questions or are interested in learning about our amazing recruiting products, please feel free to contact us!

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