Affordable, Customer-Focused & Time-Saving Applicant Tracking System Just What Small Business Needed to Scale Operations

Now Staff Have More Time to Devote

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With an eye on growth, Anna Phearman, Front End Manager at Mobility4All (MO), knew something had to be done about the company’s application process.

 At the time, MO was using Google Forms for their applications and then was manually processing the applications when they came in.

 It was a time-consuming and often frustrating process. In order to remedy the situation, Phearman looked at a number of Application Tracking Systems (ATS) online, including Workable, Workstream, Bamboo HR and Breezy HR.

 But in the end, it was Recruiteze that stood out as the best possible solution for MO.

 Phearman says: “We chose Recruiteze because it is affordable but still has all of the features we need to effectively scale our operations. We needed a simple ATS that kept our hiring process organized and saved time – Recruiteze is just that!” 


How Recruiteze Works:


At a time when talent competition is fiercer than ever before, organizations with slow, unorganized, inefficient hiring processes are going to lose out on the best candidates.

In addition, inefficient application processes are going to zap employees’ available time and cause other parts of an organization to suffer.

Recruiteze is designed to solve these issues by automating the process so that much better results are achieved in much less time. It includes such features as custom workflow candidate tracking; candidate metrics that can be tracked by day, week, month and year; accurate application organization; bulk email communication; and more.

Benefits Realized by MO

  •  Simplified communication – Recruiteze made it simple for Phearman to integrate her email account into the system, which in turn made it easy for her to keep track of the conversations she had with candidates. Phearman said this feature saved her a lot of time. She added she saved even more time thanks to the system’s ability to set up form emails.
  •  Quick start – Another benefit Phearman drew attention to was Recruiteze ease of use and quick start ability. “The Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System is designed so that you can get your account set up quickly and can start hiring ASAP,” she said. There was no extended learning curve or in-depth training required. Recruiteze makes it easy to take full advantage of the program right from the beginning.
  • Precision organization – Thanks to Recruiteze, now when MO advertises a position any candidate who applies is automatically added to the company’s database. MO staff can then tag and filter applicants based on parameters they set to ensure all top candidates are identified. As a result hiring success goes up and the costs produced by poor hires goes way down.

The Bottom Line …

 MO is an innovative new service that provides safer, kinder, personalized ride services for older adults. MO partners with senior living communities to provide friendly, familiar drivers who are fully supported by a caring customer service team. 

A key to the company’s success is providing fully screened and specially trained drivers ready to go the extra mile (riders can request a favorite driver).

That means the hiring process is especially important to the company’s overall success. Using Recruiteze to optimize the process means the company can get more qualified drivers in a more streamlined, efficient manner.

 “As part of a small business, my team’s time is always stretched thin,” Phearman said. “Recruiteze has streamlined our hiring process and freed up time for my team to work on other pressing issues. It’s user-friendly, functional, and customizable to your needs.”

Phearman added: “I’d definitely recommend Recruiteze to any small business looking for an affordable, customer-focused, and time-saving Applicant Tracking System.”


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