The Benefits of Hiring an Overqualified Candidate, Continued

small business applicant tracking systemHiring overqualified candidates is often considered a “no-no” because most assume they’ll want better benefits, more pay and demand a superiority that doesn’t mesh well within the company. That’s not always the case, however. Sometimes, there are serious benefits for those that choose to hire someone that has far more experience and education than is needed for a given position.

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Cost Efficient – You won’t have to hire someone to train the more experienced candidate for the job. In addition, they might be able to train newcomers in the future, lowering the cost of training even more.

Also, you’ll likely hire the candidate on the terms that they won’t be paid as much as they should be, considering they’re more talented than you were expecting to hire. You will get more experience and knowledge for a far better price!

Easy to Manage – According to, “Candidates with a great amount of experience and strong skills may be more confident in the workplace. As employees, they may be self-sufficient, ask the right questions and hold themselves accountable for results. Managers won’t have to worry about holding their hand through every project, which means more will get accomplished.”

Management Opportunities – Even though you might not need a new manager within your company immediately, hiring someone with extra experience or education might be a better management opportunity than you ever expected. Why not put their talents to good use when needed? Promoting them to a management position when the time comes will be a cinch.

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