Best Applicant Tracking System For Small Business

Owning a small business can be stressful and challenging at times, especially when it’s time to hire additional or new employees. The overall recruitment process can be even more challenging than the day-to-day of being a business owner.

Getting the word out that your business is hiring, accepting applications and resumes, filtering through them to see who might be best for the job, and scheduling interviews can be a time-consuming process that leaves little time for other important business tasks and functions that are usually done each day. Plus, imagine not being able to afford a recruiter!

While it would be nice to have someone to deal with the recruitment process of hiring new or additional employees, it’s not always feasible for small businesses. On the other hand, making sure you spend enough time and effort on the hiring process is crucial for being a business owner. You’ll want to ensure that each staff member you hire works for the better good of your company.

You’ll want to make sure you get a great return on staffing investments.

Why use an ATS?

An applicant tracking system for small businesses, or ATS, is a great software solution that larger corporations and small companies alike can take advantage of to help save time and money when it comes to hiring new or additional employees!

Historically, an ATS was expensive and too complicated for small businesses business to use. Now, as technology advances, so has the ATS. Small and start-up businesses can use an ATS to their advantage without worry that it won’t be affordable.

What does this mean for small or start-up businesses?

  1. Piles of applications and resumes waiting to be reviewed are no more.
  2. In addition, the need for business owners to take time away from operating their business or hire a costly recruitment manager is eliminated, as well.
  3. All the paperwork, phone calls, emails, and other time-consuming time tasks of the hiring process can become automated with help from Applicant Tracking Systems!

Finally, you’re able to focus on business tasks and functions that need attention, day-to-day, and not worry about where your next employee will be coming from. The time it would traditionally take to hire new employees is cut significantly and won’t take away from other important business tasks, either! Even more, you won’t have to hire a costly recruiter to help you filter through applicants!

Now let’s go more in-depth about all the benefits of using applicant tracking systems for small businesses.

The benefits of using applicant tracking systems

As many call them, applicant tracking systems or recruiting software significantly simplify the process of hiring and onboarding new employees. Here is the list of all the benefits that come with using ATS.

Integrations or candidate sourcing

No more manual posting of job notifications manually!

ATS allows you to automate the whole candidate sourcing process and distribute your job positions over many online job posting platforms and social media. Ensure that your ATS has integration with Indeed since that is one of the most important social media platforms for finding good employees.


Schedule interviews and sending rejection letters with ease. When using ATS, everything is just one click away. You can track your potential employees, classify them in whichever way you find the most convenient, and filter results you need.

Career Page Management

Let users quickly scroll through your career page!

When you embed our widget in your company’s career page, visitors will be able to easily and conveniently scroll through it in search of any job openings. When they click on a job they are interested in, they will be directed right to the page when they can fill out your customized online application.

At Recruiteze, we allow you to customize online forms on an intricate level to match your branding and company’s image.

We can also host your job page on our website, you just have to provide us with your logo and images, and we will handle the rest for you!

Talent Pools

Nurture the talent for future vacancies!

ATS allows you to create and nurture talent pools for future vacancies. This is great because it saves you both time and money. Once you need to hire a new employee, you won’t have to post new job alerts and spend money on advertising and outsourcing them.

People can get into your talent pools in many different ways, whether it is through a referral, social media platform, or recruiting agency. And all these individuals are already interested in working for your company.

Having these databases allows you to search through hundreds of CVs in a mere second, reduce recruitment costs and fill vacancies quickly.

Customizable Workflows

Applicant tracking systems allow you to create workflows for your hiring process that best suits your business needs. You can create workflows for:

  • Application processing
  • Candidate screenings
  • Nurturing
  • And many more

In order to have as cost-effective processes as possible.


Reporting and analytics help you understand and track various insights, like engagement, what job alerts worked the best, which candidates responded, etc. All of this enables you to understand your ROI and how to be more effective with the same or even smaller hiring budget.

How to Select the right ATS for your small business

We know that you may struggle to choose the right one since there is a huge variety of applicant tracking systems out there. Here are a couple of simple things that will set you on the right path.

Evaluate your needs

This is the software you will be using for a long time, so make sure to consider all of your business needs. This is important because it will give you insights into what is important to you when choosing the ideal workforce. Think about the following:

  • How often do you hire?
  • What does your ideal employee look like?
  • How many different job positions do you offer?
  • Is candidate experience important to you?

Consider the features

There are many different applicant tracking systems for small businesses, and all of them offer various features. Make sure that the one you choose offers all the integrations and features that you need in order to have a smooth and effective hiring process.


The price of the ATS is an important factor. Do your calculations and understand how much you can spend on hiring. When deciding which tool to choose, it is vital that it has all the features you will need based on your business model and an understandable price since you will be using it over a long period.

Best applicant tracking systems for small businesses

Now we know that you may think, “Ha! You are recommending yourself obviously!” but please hear us out.

If you’re ready to eliminate the burden of having to go through the lengthy, manual process of hiring new employees for your small or start-up business, consider trying Recruiteze! It’s a free applicant tracking system that helps take all the hassle out of recruiting. In fact, you can try Recruiteze for free for 15 days with no credit card required.

Recruiteze allows candidates to apply and be added to your database immediately. End-users can access candidate resumes online and make changes quickly. Recruiting based on client needs has never been easier with your included custom job board as well. It allows candidates and customers easy access to information and creates a level of professionalism that’s expected in today’s marketplace.