What Are the Best Paying Seasonal Jobs?

free online applicant tracking systemWorking during the holidays may be a preference or a necessity. Either way, there are tons of great jobs out there to consider that pay well.

If you’re hoping to find seasonal work that offers top dollar, consider the following positions we’ve complied below. If you’re looking to hire seasonal employees, our free online applicant tracking system can help. In fact, Recruiteze is the only recruiting software your business will ever need. Start using Recruiteze today for free!

The Top Paying Seasonal Jobs For 2016

  • Customer service representatives make between $10 and $15 per hour. They are responsible for emails, customer response, taking phone calls, processing payments, entering orders into the computer system, making and maintaining relationships with clients, handling client inquiries and other customer related activities. This is one of the number one jobs for seasonal work. Why? During this time of year there are tons of questions, online orders and other inquiries due to the upcoming holiday.
  • Earning between $11 and $53 per hour, tax managers are hired during the holidays to get an early start on next year’s returns. Those that have experience might even make up to $65 per hour. The duties will include tax planning, tax reporting, overseeing returns and more.
  • If you have flexible availability this season, consider working as Santa. Pay range can go from $100 an hour to $200 an hour. Consider working at malls, private parties or other events. You might even consider working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for increased pay, if possible.
  • Marketing coordinators can make between $12 and $23 per hour. Between research, promoting events and projects and creating media campaigns, they will also be responsible for advertising projects.
  • Personal gift shoppers are great jobs for those who need to make money quickly this season. One can earn up to $100 per hour providing a personal shopping service. We all know how important gift giving is this time of year. This is a great seasonal job.
  • Seasonal recruiters are used this time of year to evaluate candidates, interview them and source and screen all applicants. Managing paperwork and reviewing increases might be necessary, as well. Pay ranges from $15 an hour to $33 per hour.
  • Social media assistants are responsible for social media campaigns, generating content for online presence and making sure content is accurate. You would also be in charge of supporting the existing online presence of the company, as well. This job can offer between $12 and $16 per hour.
  • Technology retail might not be something you’re familiar with, but it has to do with smart phones, gaming systems, laptops and other handheld devices. Ranging from $10-$12 an hour this type of work will be very popular this holiday season. In addition to informing customers all about the products, you might also be in charge of answering questions about them.
  • Tutors are in demand during this time of year, as well. Making anywhere from $10 an hour to $50 an hour helping students of all ages prepare for exams, tests or homework is a great seasonal job. You could find work at elementary, middle, high schools and universities. They’re all on break so hours can be flexible. You might even find a job tutoring online, as well.
  • Whether you work independently or for a company, getting a job as a photographer can be simple this time of year. Holiday pictures are popular. Working for a company you could probably make around $14 an hour. On your own, you can set your prices.

We hope you found something that strikes you as a fun, yet profitable, seasonal job for you this holiday! Have you ever worked during the holidays before? If so, doing what? Was it a success? Would you do it again?

Recruiting During The Holiday

free online applicant tracking systemRecruiters might also take advantage of this time of year, as well. There are many people out there looking to earn extra money for the holidays. Consider doubling down on recruiting in an effort to find the best seasonal workers out there!

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