How to Hire Great Seasonal Restaurant Staff

free applicant tracking systemAre you getting ready to start hiring for seasonal employees in your restaurant? If so, consider the following information. It will help you find successful seasonal help without issues.

Keep quality of hire in mind. We know how easy it can be to get a little stressed about hiring as quickly as possible. When summer hits and seasonal workers are required, the first thing most hiring mangers do is throw themselves into a recruiting frenzy. However, this can be dangerous. Hiring for the sake of adding extra staff versus hiring for quality and experience can be detrimental. You want to be sure that the applicants you are hiring are qualified, motivated, and able to do the job well.

Look for seasonal employees in places where you may not do so for permanent hires. Check local employment programs, retirees, community organizations and the local VA program, as well.

Hire happy, upbeat people who are able to serve in a friendly and accommodating manner.

Not hiring early on can be a disadvantage. Be sure to start in advance so that you’re able to find the best talent available. If you don’t start early, be sure to specifically disclose the type of employee you’re looking for so that you won’t have to weed through unqualified applicants.

Training is necessary. Try to get them in early to get everything done before summer starts. That way, they’ll be ready to go when things get busy.

Offer paid time off, a gym membership or other incentive to get applicants in the door. Also be competitive with salaries, as well. Be sure to check with competing restaurants in the area so you’ll know what they’re offering and can at least match it.

Talk with your current employees about referrals. Offer a reward for those who do come up with a quality referral. Offering $25-$50 paid time off for suggesting a great referral who comes to work for your company is a great incentive.

Make sure you’re using mobile recruiting. With millennials today, you’re going to need to offer them a way to get to you online.

Be sure each candidate shows the following skills within their application, resume, and interview responses:

  • Ability to accommodate customers and co-workers
  • Drive and energy
  • Ability to deal with frustrating events in a positive manner
  • Honesty
  • Persuasiveness
  • Pride in work
  • Safety
  • Friendliness
  • Positive multi-tasking skills
  • Teamwork

In our previous blog post, we offered tips for general summer hiring. We also talked about local laws and regulations. It’s important for the restaurant industry to also pay attention to these laws. Sometimes, bringing seasonal workers comes with various federal labor laws and benefit requirements. Be sure to check out the SBA so that you are in compliance with all laws and regulations for seasonal workers.

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