Cloud vs Desktop Recruitment Software

Recruiting software is a great tool to have that can help in a variety of ways. The question for most is not whether or not they should use recruiting software, but which is better: cloud-based or desktop software?

Recruiting Software

Though it could be a matter of preference, there are a few differences and similarities that can determine which will best fit your needs. In this post we talk about cloud-based versus desktop recruiting software so that you can make the best decision for your company.

Traditionally, desktop software was a great way to purchase a system. It usually comes with upfront costs and no required monthly fees. It’s able to be updated over a period of time but may require upgrades for an additional cost to keep the software running and performing. Often, updating and upgrading desktop software can be costly and time-consuming.

Cloud-based software costs typically come as a monthly charge. The charges are usually reasonable, as you’re not purchasing an actual software system that needs to be uploaded onto a computer. Updates and upgrades can be done quickly and easily without any major downtime. The services can be turned off and on as needed. When you’re not using the software system you don’t have to pay for it.

Cloud-based systems allow you to access data anywhere, anytime as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection that is strong and able to be used on your computer, handheld device, or smartphone. Desktop software can only be accessed on the computer that it is downloaded on. Even more, cloud-based software will allow you to log on to any secure device whether you own it or not. As long as you have your login information and an Internet connection you can access data and complete tasks as needed on whatever device you are using.

As we mentioned above, software updates are important and need to be done in a timely manner. Desktop systems typically only allow a certain amount of updates before they charge for an upgrade. In addition, updates can take a while to do and are often only available every few months. A cloud-based system will do ongoing updates each time you log in. It only takes seconds compared to a desktop software update.

In our next blog post we will list many of the advantages of cloud-based software for recruiting. Head over there for more information! Looking to try a cloud-based recruiting software? Try Recruiteze!

Best Recruiting Software

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