25 Companies with an Exceptional Online Job Portals

recruiting management systemAre you a company owner? How about an HR professional or recruiter? If you want to attract the best talent, it is important to have an online job portal that is simple to use, full of features, and free of bugs.

While this sounds simple enough, many companies ignore this advice. Instead, they stick with the “same old” online job portal that has been serving them for more than a decade. This is a big mistake.

A confusing, complex online job portal has a way of putting people off. For this reason, they don’t take the time to apply for open positions. Subsequently, the company doesn’t have the opportunity to compare the best available talent. Does your company need access to a free recruiting management system? Recruiteze can help! Get started today without any obligation.

What can you do?

If you have any concerns regarding your online job portal, it is time to do two things:

  • Review your current technology.
  • Decide how you can make it better.

While the review part is simple, making the right changes can be difficult. One of the best things you can do is learn from others. Spend some time scouring the internet. Check out your competitors. Check out companies in other industries. What do you like about their online job portal? Are they using a recruiting management system? How can you implement the same on your website?

If you need a push in the right direction, if you want to avoid recruitment mistakes that are hindering others, here are 25 companies with an exceptional online job portal:

  1. Slalom Consulting

Why it’s exceptional: it’s simple, straightforward, and to the point. Open positions are listed out, complete with the location and department. Furthermore, it only takes one click to reach the application page.

  1. Development Dimensions International

Why it’s exceptional: detailed information on working for the company, including videos with current employees. This makes it easy for candidates to envision themselves working for the company.

  1. Google

Why it’s exceptional: it is no surprise to find the search engine giant on this list, as the company is known for hiring the best talent. The one thing you will notice, above all else, is how the career portal “matches” the rest of the company’s brand. If you are familiar with Google, you will be familiar with its job portal.

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  1. Salesforce

Why it’s exceptional: Salesforce believes in providing all the necessary information on one page, helping to save interested parties a lot of time. Once you visit the career page, it only takes a few minutes to scroll from top to bottom, learning about everything from benefits to open positions and much more.

  1. Riot Games

Why it’s exceptional: there is nothing worse than a job portal that is difficult to search. Riot Games fights against this by segmenting job openings by title, location, and department. This also makes it easy for their recruiting management system to store these applicants in their database.

  1. EA Sports

Why it’s exceptional: an online job portal needs personality. It needs to attract applicants and make them want to apply. This is exactly what you get with EA Sports. There is nothing about its job portal that will chase you away. Instead, it will draw you in.

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  1. Northwestern Mutual

Why it’s exceptional: the Northwestern Mutual job portal is more advanced than most, thanks to links that point to multiple employment categories, such as: financial representative careers, financial representative internship, financial representative careers for military veterans, and corporate careers. This ensures that interested candidates don’t waste time finding what they are looking for.

  1. Wpromote

Why it’s exceptional: the ability to send a direct question to the HR department, via the career portal. Any type of question is suggested, such as the one that is included in the form:

“Is there a place to get a burrito within walking distance of Wpromote?”

  1. Hyland Software

Why it’s exceptional: one page, four links. Click on these to search for a career, search for an internship, learn more about the company, or become familiar with its culture.

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  1. Stryker

Why it’s exceptional: the mention of career related awards. By adding these on the career page, job seekers have more confidence that applying for a job is a good idea. Some of the awards include: Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For in 2015 and Gallup Great Workplace Award 2015.

  1. Paychex

Why it’s exceptional: a full look at all the available career opportunities. This makes it easy for applicants to decide which opening is best for them.

  1. SurePayroll

Why it’s exceptional: a work life balance is more important today than ever before. SurePayroll touches on this, providing a video that shows how its employees achieve a solid balance. This is a big deal, as it helps attract people who are interested in employers that care about their life outside the office.

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  1. Microsoft

recruiting management systemWhy it’s exceptional: you can always learn something from the biggest employers in the world, and this is definitely true when it comes to Microsoft. Its online job portal is advanced yet simple. The best feature? The search box located above the fold. This makes it easy to search for open opportunities, all with a few keystrokes and one click of the mouse. Bet yet, applicants don’t have to sift through openings that don’t suit their wants and needs. They can get right to those that match their search criteria.

  1. Edgar Snyder

Why it’s exceptional: a variety of links to learn more. For example, the career portal links out to current employee profiles, community sponsorships, and much more. Some people want to learn more about a company before they apply. Make it simple for them to find the right information by including internal links on your job portal.

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  1. Farm Credit Services of America

Why it’s exceptional: it answers the million dollar question of “why?” From the culture to the career possibilities, Farm Credit Services of America provides details regarding why candidates should give them a second look. They don’t assume their reputation will attract the best talent. They make sure people can see in clear terms what the company has to offer.

  1. Gentherm

Why it’s exceptional: who told you all online job portals have to be boring? Gentherm shows that this is not the case, as its portal is full of color, images, and of course, interesting information.

  1. Grand Canyon University

Why it’s exceptional: stats, stats, and more stats. Grand Canyon University does its best to attract top talent by showing just how many others enjoy working for the organization. Some of the stats it includes are as follows: 2 Forbes Small Company Awards, 60k online students, and 3.6 k full-time staff and faculty.

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  1. Air Methods

Why it’s exceptional: sometimes, people need more information to decide if a job opening is right for them. Air Methods takes care of this by offering downloadable PDF files. This isn’t something that every candidate needs, but the extra information definitely comes in handy from time to time.

  1. Facebook

Why it’s exceptional: Facebook, among other companies, have a “hook” that generates a high level of response. In the case of the social media giant, its hook is as follows:

“Do the most meaningful work of your career.”

Have you developed a hook?

  1. Winmark

Why it’s exceptional: why require one click when you can provide the best information all in once place? When you visit the Winmark career portal, everything you need is right in front of your face. All open positions are laid out, along with a description. Furthermore, there is an email address if you simply want to send your resume.

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  1. Syntel

Why it’s exceptional: while basic information is important, Syntel shows that sometimes it is a good idea to provide more details. In bullet point fashion, the company displays additional points worth considering.

  1. Liberty Tax

Why it’s exceptional: you cannot have a killer online job portal without the use of words. But this doesn’t mean you should overlook the power of images. Liberty Tax uses just the right combination of text and images, ensuring an attractive balance.

  1. Stamps.com

Why it’s exceptional: many people don’t want to apply for a job until they know more about the company. Stamps.com has nothing to hide. In addition to a tab for open positions, the job portal also shares the following: compensation and benefits, programs and perks, the facility, and the culture.

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  1. NIC

Why it’s exceptional: it’s often a good idea to show that your company cares about more than making money. NIC makes this clear on its homepage, with a section dedicated to “social responsibility.”

  1. Ellie Mae

Recruiting Management SystemWhy it’s exceptional: there are people out there who may want to work for your company, but an opening that suits their skill set is not available right now. Ellie Mae protects against missing out on the best talent by allowing interested individuals to submit a general application.

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