5 Ways to Entice Candidates to Your Job Opportunities

Resume Management SystemsIncreased awareness coupled with low unemployment rates has definitely made the hiring process a challenge for recruiters.  It is predicted that recruiters will be required to make some tough calls in 2018. They might have to redefine the whole game if they don’t really wish to lose their talented pool of candidates. Searching for quality free resume management systems, check out the best! Check out Recruiteze today! Our recruitment software makes talent tracking and hiring easy. Get your free trial here.

In order to keep a competitive edge, companies have to promote their jobs just as they do their products and services. They need to devise an invigorating modus operandi which attracts high quality candidates and also catches the attention of passive candidates (who aren’t willing to exit their current jobs) as well.

According to a survey conducted by Career Builder, organizations are revamping their hiring efforts to recruit full-time as well as part-time positions as quickly as possible.

The survey also forecast that 44% of the organizations are planning to hire full-time employees and 51% are interested in hiring contract-based employees. But the biggest challenge still remains the same, “How fast these positions could be filled?”  

45% of the recruitment managers said that the positions are still vacant as they are unable to find the right candidate for the job due to a lack of qualified talent.

This article outlines various challenges faced by the current recruitment industry, a deep insight into the latest hiring trends, and some tips on enticing candidates to your job opportunities.

Current Recruitment Challenges

Today’s borderless global ecosystem has ignited umpteen challenges for companies such as cultural diversity, socio-technological diversification, political instability, etc. As a result, the main agenda of various CEOs and entrepreneurs has shifted towards quality talent acquisition. With the ever-changing recruitment landscape, recruiters need to act proactively to face the challenges prevailing in the industry.

These are:

  1. Shortage of talent pool

Finding the right top quality talent will be the main aim of recruitment firms in 2018 amidst the talent shortage. Around 73% of employers are struggling to find the right candidate for their positions.

  1. Candidate driven market

In the current scenario, candidates have more power towards job search and are switching jobs very quickly. The attrition rate is jumping like never before and the demands of the candidates are increasing. About 20% of the employers feel that they cannot keep up with the expectations of candidates.

  1. Antiquated hiring techniques

In this candidate-driven market, many recruiters are going for the same talent pool and are being faced with demanding and competitive candidates. The recruiters who are still using obsolete hiring approaches run the risk of losing out on converting the right candidates to new hires. Not only this, in some cases they aren’t even able to attract quality candidates.

  1. Negative employer branding

Employer branding plays a pivotal role in attracting quality applicants. A single negative review on any website such as glassdoor.com or Google reviews could eliminate your possible chances of hiring a great candidate. A good candidate will definitely look into the employer branding over social media, blogs, forums, and other places before applying for any post.

  1. Changing mindset of employees

Money is definitely not the only reason for candidates to switch. It’s the motivation, rewards, recognition, work exposure, onsite trips, satisfaction, and relationship with the employer that makes a real difference. Even some of the big giants which are offering handsome CTC undergo a high attrition rate.

Latest Hiring Trends

Since now you understand the challenges, it’s time to break the noise with the latest hiring trends.

Have a look at some of the latest hiring trends in the industry:

  1. Unity in diversity

Companies are aiming for a diverse and borderless culture and are providing equal opportunities in terms of ethnicity and gender. Stepping beyond the traditional norms, companies are coming forward in order to hire quality applicants irrespective of age and disabilities.

  1. New interviewing tools

Gone are the days when a candidate had to travel across the country for an interview.  Skype and other digital connecting platforms have led the changes in the interview process. Companies are adopting modern digital tools and platforms to access a candidate’s candidature in a reduced time frame.

  1. Increased use of data analytics

Data analytics play a crucial role in predicting the outcome of a hiring procedure. Apart from tracking the scenario, data analytics enable the recruiter to understand the demands of the applicant much more easily.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and workflow automation

In order to make the recruitment process speedier and error-free, AI systems are being used. These systems help the employer assess an applicant’s capabilities beyond his/her credentials. Artificial Intelligence compliant systems make the scrutiny process much easier.

Tips to Entice Candidates to Your Job Opportunities

Despite all the technological advances, a majority of hiring decisions are still made by humans. Having said that, the tips given below are going to help you in alluring the candidates to your job opportunities:

  1. WOM marketing

WOM or word of mouth marketing is a type of free advertising usually triggered by customer/employee experiences. You can take advantage of WOM marketing by creating internal referral opportunities. Rather than asking “Do you know someone who is looking for a job change?” try asking “Do you know someone perfect in abc technology?

Try to implement a “recruiting culture” within your company. Each and every employee should be motivated to find and fill the vacant job profile with a perfect match, and the one who does so should be rewarded. What could be a better strategy than this where an employee becomes the brand ambassador of your company?

  1. A win-win mindset for all

As an HR manager, it becomes really difficult to strike a balance between the employer’s requirements and the applicant’s needs. But, that’s what you are being paid for, right?

You must ensure that the candidates you recruit are not just interested in fulfilling their own requirements but also the company’s needs. Also, make the candidates aware of their roles and responsibilities. Don’t force them into roles that are completely opposite to their expectations. Because if that happens, the candidate won’t last long in the company and the company again will be going on a resource acquisition drive.

Also, keep in mind that in order to convince passive candidates you need to give a solid lucrative offer which their current companies are not able to offer.

  1. The right job description

You need to provide the right job description for a given position. It should not be stuffed with flowery words or over inflated expectations. This could keep many quality candidates from applying with your company.

The best way is to create a team of people who have similar job profiles within your company. Have them help you prepare a short and crisp job description that delineates the requirements and responsibilities for the desired job vacancy.

Your next step should be to prepare a small checklist to guide you in resume screening. Preparing some interview questions in advance would be an added advantage.

Remember, there is no shortcut. You’ll have to put effort into attracting the ideal candidate for any vacancy.

  1. Showcase your digital presence

Ensure that you have a very compelling website that clearly delineates your goals, achievements, employee culture, and founders section. You should also create a join us section.  This should essentially market everything a budding applicant could desire to know about the company such as your mission, vision, culture, openings etc. The job listings should be worded so that they make a candidate feel like your organization would be the perfect place for them to work.

Your blogs say a lot. A well orchestrated blog clearly depicts a strong bond between the company and the readers. The idea is to let the candidates know what differentiates your company from the rest.

Sharing LinkedIn profiles of company’s CEO, HR managers, team leads, and other executives will paint a positive picture about the company. Candidates would definitely want to know about the leaders and peers with whom they would be working after securing the position.

  1. Convey core values during the interview

It’s the hiring manager who provides the first impression of your company.  They should share the core values of the company with applicants as it will generate genuine excitement and a willingness to join the company.

Share the achievements or awards your company has received. Don’t forget to mention the additional rewards or recognitions that the company offers to its top performers or achievers.

If you are working in a startup firm or a younger firm that lacks industry recognition, you may share the goals, future prospects, and your plans for expansion. The candidate should trust your credibility and believe that this is the organization they have been hoping to work for.

A bonus tip…

Publicity or marketing is key to recruiting quality employees. The advertising received by your company via news, social media, print media, and other digital marketing plays an essential role in shaping the brand value of your company. Positive reviews on Google and Glassdoor, impressive LinkedIn profiles, informative blogs, and more build a strong reputation that attracts a quality talented candidate pool.

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