The Cons of Hiring an Overqualified Candidate

small business applicant tracking systemThere are a ton of advantages that come with hiring an overqualified candidate, if they’re not looking to make more money than you’re willing to pay out. However, there are also several cons that go with this, as well.

Below, you’ll find out what might go wrong when hiring someone with more talent than needed for a position in your company.

Anticipations – A candidate offering more talent than necessary might assume they will get more money or a quicker promotion. Your company might not be able to offer this as soon as they expect it. Make sure they understand this situation before hiring them.

Lacks Challenges – The overqualified employee might get bored more quickly than one that isn’t and pursue other options sooner than you’d like for them to.

Networking – The candidate might be using the job you offer them as a way to network with other companies. They could be using you as a stepping stone to get to a better opportunity.

No loyalty – Because they have more experience and qualifications to offer, they might not form an attachment to the position or your company. Having a disloyal employee on staff isn’t a great sign if you’re hoping they will stick around long term.

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