‘Hands Down Recruiteze is Top Choice Among All Application Tracking Systems I’ve Seen’

Extensive ATS Market Analysis Leads

to One Choice – Recruiteze


 When Derek Iannelli, owner of Samurai Hire, was asked by a consulting client to deliver a business case for recruiting software an extensive search led him to one conclusion:

 “After an extensive search with all the latest applicant tracking systems out there, I chose Recruiteze as the clear best,” Iannelli said.

 What about Recruiteze stood out to Iannelli?

 “I chose Recruiteze due to its features, functionality, knowledge base, user feature requests (receptivity) and extensive responsive support,” he said.

How Recruiteze Works:


 Recruiteze is a program that is both easy to use and highly effective at what it does. Users can expect an immediate impact on their recruiting and hiring processes.

Plus, since the program is easy to use and does not require any training, they can expect to start using it immediately.

Once the program is up and running, it creates a database for applications, which can then be filtered and searched via parameters set by the client.

Clients get order for a process that is often anything but orderly at many companies. They can group and search applications based on tags to ensure candidates with essential skills and knowledge are not overlooked.

They can also automate communication with candidates and they can simplify job posting so that they can put their help wanted ads on multiple platforms at once.


Benefits Realized by Samurai Hire


  • Job board publishing – Iannelli says Recruiteze takes the stress and hard work out of publishing job openings. Now he is able to submit openings to multiple job boards at once instead of going board by board, which can be very time consuming and tedious work.


  • Email templates – Another big benefit of Recruiteze is that users can create email templates that they can then send out automatically to candidates. This makes the process much more efficient and effective. No more writing an email to each candidate and risking spelling errors or leaving someone out. Now with Recruiteze it is possible to send mass emails to candidates.


  • Screener questions – The ability to create screener forms through links embedded in job boards is another benefit that Iannelli wanted to point out. These forms allow users to more quickly and easily filter candidates for a particular position. This can save a lot of time over the long run.


  • Finding candidates – Iannelli also likes the way Recruiteze and its many features make it easier to find candidates for an available position. The software allows you to get much greater exposure for an opening while also doing much less work.


  • Workflow improvement – Recruiteze also offers workflow process tagging for candidate stages so that it is easy to keep track of the application process and to sort candidates for follow-up and reporting.


  •  Knowledgeable customer service – Recruiteze isn’t just a powerful ATS, it is also backed by a highly responsive and knowledgeable customer support team. The team works closely with clients to ensure they get a customized solution that meets their needs. “The support team is awesome and anytime I can make a connection for them, start a new contractor, or even have a question about features and functionality, they are top-notch,” Iannelli said.


The Bottom Line …

Samurai Hire Recruiters are trained and disciplined in IT, Healthcare IT, IT/Healthcare Sales recruiting primarily in the US, with over 25+ years of personal experience in these industries.

The company’s philosophy is “we are confident in our candidates, listen to our candidates, and communicate with our candidates because we know patience and persistence will allow us to serve our candidates and clients impeccably.” 

Recruiteze now plays an integral role in helping the company best serve its candidates and clients. 

“Hands down out of all the applicant tracking systems I have seen, that other recruiters ask us to use, and best bang for the buck, Recruiteze is always my top choice,” Iannelli said. “With 30-years of IT experience, including business ownership and consulting, to draw upon I think Recruiteze is the best choice with no worthy competitor … in fact, I say it is the hands down, first choice.”  

“I am very thorough and detailed when choosing applications/subscriptions because it is an investment and asset that my business depends on, and I can honestly say that our business model could not exist without Recruiteze, which is a fantastic backbone to our core values and core focus,” Iannelli said. “We are customers for life!”

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