The Holiday Hiring Freeze Myth Debunked

Online Recruiting SystemDuring the holidays, our time is filled with cheer and togetherness, parties and eating. We sometimes assume that it’s not the best time to search for a new career. There’s an age-old myth that most companies freeze hiring efforts from Thanksgiving until New Year’s. That’s simply not true, however.

Today, we are going to debunk this misconception. You’ll find several reasons why businesses do often hire during the holidays!

Positions are Available – Many think that businesses are on vacation during the holidays and won’t need to hire anyone. That’s not always true. This time of year is usually a slow season, but there are always several openings that need filling. Don’t assume that positions aren’t available.

Money Needs to Be Spent – Companies often have a budget that must be spent before the new year begins. With that in mind, recruiters are rushing to meet with candidates so they can get them in and hired. Sign-on bonuses and other incentives fall under budget allotments for the year.

Less Competition – Some business prefer to hire during the holidays because it weeds out some of the less interested candidates. They are more likely to find serious, dedicated applicants because not everyone will be job hunting during this upcoming season.

Networking – This time of year is perfect for networking. You’ll be attending events and parties that many professionals will be at, as well. Not only is it a great opportunity for those looking for work, it’s also great for recruiters hoping to find a new candidate before the new year starts! It’s a win-win for all involved. Networking is a great way to inquire about a new career and the holiday season makes networking easy and discrete!

We hope this article helps clear up a few misconceptions you might have about hiring freezes during the holidays! There’s no need to forgo searching for a new career opportunity just because Christmas is coming up. You might be surprised at what you do find, as you continue your seeking efforts.

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