How Does Resume Formatting Service help to Manage Candidate Database?

Resumes (and resume formatting) are a vital component of any recruiting process. They create the first impressions on recruiters that are cast before even meeting them. It is really important to track all the resumes. Traditionally, the resumes were stored in emails, folders, drives, etc. Managing them with the help of spreadsheets was a quite difficult and time-consuming task. With the inception of small company applicant tracking system or ATS, things became sorted.

The formatting, parsing and storing of the candidate resumes on the candidate database was made easy with the inbuilt resume formatting tool. Now the recruiters need not store the resumes at scattered places. Rather they could now store resumes on a single common platform that too in a standardized format. This post uncovers the secrets that will help the recruiters to manage candidate database with resume formatting service within the ATS.

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How Can a Resume Formatting Service Help?

Why it is Important to Manage Candidate Database?

When the resumes are stored at different locations, every resume may not get fair attention of the recruiter. Some resumes may even go unnoticed. This adversely affects the efficiency of the hiring process. Moreover, the resumes received may have different formats and parsing every resume is a tough call to make. Storing the candidate profile on spreadsheets could be vulnerable when the business is scaling. The companies need a long term solution to justify the growing needs. Spreadsheets require a lot of manual entry work. These are prone to errors and are even incompatible with other HR tools.

Using a Recruitment Tracking Spreadsheet is a Thing of the Past

A resume formatting tool helps to create a consistent profile or standardized resume for every application received. A separate profile gets created for every candidate who applies to the company and gets stored in a common candidate database. The recruiters can easily query the ATS and get the best-matched candidate profile within seconds.

The Power of Resume Formatting and Parsing

It sounds quite interesting how the resumes are formatted, parsed and stored in the candidate database efficiently and are instantly fed to a resume formatting tool. When the candidate uploads his resume to the career page, email or online job portal, it is sent to the ATS for small business. The resume parsing feature of ATS parses and formats the resume as per the desired format. And then adds all the unique attributes of the resume to a profile created by the ATS.

Now the recruiters don’t have to take the pain of sifting through those cluttered looking resumes. An ATS works precisely like a smart assistant and parses every resume (of any format) with ease.

A good candidate database helps the recruiters to pick the best-matched ones and get a glance over the candidate’s careers in just a single click.

Resume Formatting Reduces Time-to-hire

The profiles in the candidate database grow over time and become a great channel for candidate sourcing before the recruiters actually start hiring. The ATS achieves the candidate profiles when they apply to any open position and stays with the company even after the position gets a closing signal. For the new/future job openings, the Hiring Manager and the recruiting team can query down the candidate database for the best matches before floating the job post in the online market.

The recruiters can apply suitable searching criteria or search terms to find a perfect match.

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Resume Formatting: Accepts and Parses any Format

A good candidate database can only be maintained if the resume formatting service has the capability of parsing any format type. Trying to do the things manually will leave the recruiters frustrated.

Most of the candidates submit their resumes in .doc, .docx, .pdf or .rtf format. Some of the candidates may get a bit wild and could even submit a .jpeg or, .html format. So, while selecting a resume formatting service it is important to know what formats can be parsed by the resume formatting tool.

When a candidate uploads his resume with any of the format types, the software parses and stores the details into the candidate database.

Avoiding Duplicates with Resume Formatting Tool

It may happen that a candidate would have applied multiple times for the same job role or for different job roles. The resume parser should be smart enough to identify the duplicate entries. The software usually uses a combination of a candidate’s phone number and email id as the primary key. It depends on software to software on whether to use both attributes together or alone. So, when another entry is received from the same candidate, the system will get notified. This way the automated resume formatting service will help to keep the candidate database clean and optimized.

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Happy Candidates and Satisfied Clients

For every staffing or consultancy firm, the recruiting database is a potential goldmine. A well maintained and updated resume will offer great returns over time. But, if not taken care of, it may become outdated, cluttered and of course, will create unnecessary stress on the company.

An organized and well-oiled (updated) candidate database would turn the odds in favor of the organization using it. Apart from parsing, tracking and formatting the resumes, the benefits of ATS are far rippled. It automates all the underlying recruiting tasks, makes the resume presentable, aids seamless communication with the candidates and this results in happier candidates and satisfied clients.

Resume Formatting Builds Rapport

The purpose of maintaining a candidate database is defeated if it is not used to its full capacity. The contact information from the candidate database should be used to keep in touch with potential candidates. The recruiters need to get acquainted with the potential candidates so that they could be brought on-board swiftly at the time the company needs their expertise.

The candidates can be engaged by sharing social media posts, tweets, sending periodic emails, etc. The recruiters should try to build a great relationship with the best-skilled candidates.

Schedule Routine Cleanups

All the candidate databases in the ATS need regular cleanups and updations. Most of the cloud-based resume formatting services have triggered automatic updates. The updates are automatically downloaded and get installed whereas, for the desktop-based ATS, the recruiters need to go for manual updations. For the cleanups, the companies can hire a professional or outsource the activity.

It is high time to make a cut from the traditional methods and opt for resume management service. Building and maintaining an efficient candidate database is essential for an impressive employer profile and offering great candidate experience.

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