INFOGRAPHIC: Why ATS Is a Must-Have Tool for Recruiters?

ATS for Small Business

Recruiting quality hires is the most challenging and daunting task and that is the reason recruiters and HR managers are paid heavily. As a recruiter, it’s pretty obvious that the main quest is to attract the best top quality talent. The need of the hour is to use the topnotch technology and recruiting tools in order to create an ideal hiring pipeline. ATS or Applicant Tracking System is indeed the best tool to automate the hiring process, boost candidate experience, and leverage hiring results.

This article throws some deep insights on why ATS is a must have tool for recruiters. Let’s begin.

1.  Application Tracking and Automation

The work of HR professionals is never ending and they are managing hundreds of things in a single day. An applicant tracking software eases the life of recruiters and HR managers by fully automating most of the recruiting tasks. As per BusinessInsider, around 95% of the Fortune 500 companies are using ATS (robots) for scrutinizing job applications and improving their recruiting pipeline.

Also, the recruiting software automatically sends notifications to the candidates at every stage of the recruitment process. Sending emails and notifications is undoubtedly a tedious job. Most of the time recruiters forget to send regret emails to the candidates who are rejected

or do not qualify for the next rounds. This negatively impacts the candidate experience as well as an employer brand. By automating all the notification processes, a recruiter can give ample time to understanding the top candidates better.

An ATS is the best way of keeping recruiters and candidates on a single platform. All the interview scheduling tasks including deciding dates, time slots, etc are all done by the software. Also, the reminders for interviews are automatically sent by the recruiting software.

2.Job Posting Distribution

An ATS takes care of all those monotonous and time-consuming recruiting tasks for the recruiters. All the job board postings across the online platforms, email templates, and schedule saving inbox management tasks are automatically streamlined by the ATS.

The ATS available today comes with built-in integration of plugins to support all the big online job boards such as Monster, Indeed etc. Recruiters can post and manage jobs on several websites and job boards in just a single click. All the database (talent pool) additions, deletions, and other edits are done instantly.

3. Attract Passive and Hard-to-Reach Candidates

One big reason why recruiters should prefer an applicant tracking system is that it helps reach out to passive and coveted candidates not actively looking for jobs. So, an ATS offers an added advantage of finding the candidates almost immediately without wasting a single penny. The ATS, being a product of smart technology, is fully capable of tapping mobile traffic as well.

4. Centralized Hiring Pipeline

Every time a candidate applies to the job through any medium (job board, email or web portal), the resume gets stored in the recruiting software’s database. The ATS maintains a centralized hiring pipeline and stores the resumes of candidates even when the position gets filled. A lot of hiring time is saved when an urgent requirement arises as the recruiters can simply sift through resumes stored in the ATS database and find a perfect match. This way HR managers and recruiters never lose track of a deserving candidate. In fact, the recruiters can directly manage the career page of the organization’s website from the ATS. ATS makes it easier for recruiters to add photos, descriptions, logos, and job openings and it has buttons for social sharing as well.

5. Exact and Refined Results

Creating a database of potential candidates is not difficult but searching the right candidate is a difficult task. An ATS offers a great searching capability. Recruiters just need to type in the right set of keywords and the results that are obtained are precise and refined. The information stored is well organized which makes the data easily searchable.

6. Drives Diversity

Diversity and multiculturalism are the two major factors determining the existence of an organization. These factors make the companies a lot more innovative, thereby making it possible for them to generate more ROI or return on investment. It is essential to attract diverse talent. Furthermore, using an ATS avoids the risk of unconscious bias while recruiting and making hiring decisions. An ATS shortlists the candidates on the basis of search keywords and not on the basis of country, gender, class, etc.

7. Reliable Talent Pool

An ATS keeps all the candidate information in one single database which helps recruiters operate from a remote location as well. The recruiters can easily share the candidate’s information with teammates and can also assign roles and responsibilities to the team. The information and access control can also be managed through an ATS. This helps the recruiters engage the whole team in the selection process.

All the data is automatically parsed and stored in the ATS database. The ATS supports every format type including .doc, .pdf, .txt and more.

It stores data by applying suitable filters to make it possible for recruiters to carry out instant searches. There are inbuilt email templates and a resume formatting tool in an ATS which helps to format the resume in a predefined template.

8. Excellent Onboarding Experience

Apart from the recruiting phase, a recruiting software helps with quick onboarding of new hires. A good onboarding experience further boosts the candidate experience and increases the chances of employee retention. All the HR manuals can be stored in the ATS. This further helps the new hire to better understand the company norms and other protocols. Also, all other information related to joining bonuses and other paperwork formalities can be included in the offer letter. It drastically speeds up the time to hire as well as the onboarding process.

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Unleash the Power of Applicant Tracking System

Buying an ATS for small business recruiting is a one-time investment which pays well over time. Apart from optimizing the recruitment process, it boosts candidate experience and increases employer branding. Investing in the right ATS will eliminate all the tedious tasks related to recruitment.

Bid farewell to manual resume formatting, interview scheduling, searching for candidates, résumé sorting, etc by saying “Hello” to an Applicant Tracking System.


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