Why Mobile Recruiting Isn’t Right for Every Business

applicant tracking systemMobile accessibility is extremely popular today and many websites offer a mobile site that caters to those who use handheld devices like smartphones and tablets the majority of the time they’re accessing the Internet. Making sure your site is mobile friendly offers advantages, but there are several disadvantages as well. Below, you’ll find out why.

Mobile Recruiting Isn’t Right for Everyone

You’ll be constantly checking your smart phone, even off the clock. When you know people are able to access your site at all times, no matter if they’re at a computer or not, you’re tempted to check back frequently. You’ll never disconnect from recruiting.

Using mobile recruiting can cause the “you know where you can find me” mentality. Then, you’ll find yourself distracted, unmotivated and fall behind. You’ll miss deadlines and have a constant hindrance due to the mobile device.

You may find that your hours double because you end up working at the most odd hours. While you’re at home, during a dinner meeting and even while visiting with family. Having a mobile device to constantly check can really rack up the work hours.

Technology is always changing. You’ll never be fully updated with the latest software, smart phone or table and more. Keeping up with the latest trends might become a part-time job. You may also forget to recruit while trying to keep up with the latest and greatest!

Understanding ALL the technology is difficult.  There is always something newer and better. You may feel like keeping up with all of the latest technology trends on mobile devices have you running in circles and NOT doing the job at hand.

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