Your Mobile Strategy Might Be Hurting Your Recruiting

recruitment softwareAre you currently using mobile recruiting to maximize your hiring efforts, but still not seeing a serious change in the overall experience? It might be because your mobile recruiting strategy isn’t up to par. There are several ways to improve your efforts so that you can find the best candidate for the job!

Below, you’ll find a few tips that can help! Need free recruitment software? Start using our recruiting solutions today!

Mobile Interviewing

Believe it or not, more companies are using mobile interviewing than ever. Whether it’s via Facetime or Skype, they’re using these platforms to conduct meetings with potential employees. A recent survey showed that six out of ten businesses use video interviews to recruit. This shows that the need for mobile recruiting is real. It’s something that isn’t going away. In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular.

Offering mobile interviewing will allow candidates to go about their day, as normal, without having to make an effort to rearrange their schedules. Some of the best recruits already have jobs and might not be able to drop everything and come to a meeting. Do what you can to cater to those applicants. You don’t want to miss out on a great employee because of something as small as the interview time or place not working with their schedules.

Mobile Referral Program

This type of program is great for existing employees and finding referrals, in-house. Many workers have a candidate in mind for an open position, but never recommend them because they’re not sure if it’s professional. Offering this type of online network, so that they can refer help using the program would be key in finding great applicants you can trust.

Mobile device use is gaining popularity every day. It’s important to work with mobile recruiting to ensure you find the best candidates for the job.

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