Top Reasons Why You Should Use Recruitment Software

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Recruitment Software

Have you been bogged down with paperwork, applicants, and other administrative duties lately?

Do you wish there was a way to streamline everything quickly, without hassle?

Are you worried that you’ll never get things appropriately organized?

Staffing agencies and recruiters have a tough job. Keeping up with the hundreds of applications and resumes can be stressful, time-consuming, and overwhelming.

It seems like there might not be an easy way to organize and file all the incoming documents. However, there is one way to help agencies and hiring managers to organize and file, but it will also cut down on time and money!

Recruitment software helps manage applicants and increase productivity for staffing agencies and recruiters by offering an automated management tool for daily tasks and administration needs.

What Is Recruitment Software?

Recruiting software is any software designed for hiring and recruiting efforts. This is a broad category.

Recruitment software includes:

  1. Social media aggregators that search social media for potential candidates, filling a powerful sourcing niche.
  2. Resume spiders that search the internet for resumes also providing a powerful sourcing function.
  3. Candidate relationship management systems, or CRMs, store candidate resumes and suggest them for current and future jobs.
  4. Applicant tracking systems, or ATSs, that optimize both the acquiring and handling of resumes.
  5. Interviewing software that helps you manage and conduct interviews, even video interviewing.

All recruiting software serves the purpose of automating and optimizing recruiting efforts. They aren’t intended to do the hiring manager’s work for them, only to help them work more effectively by taking mindless tasks off them and organizing their efforts.

The two most popular types of recruitment software, CRMs, and ATSs do some or all of the following:

  1. Post job openings to many job boards in an instant.
  2. Offer a careers page for candidates to apply easily online and on a mobile device.
  3. Format and upload resumes.
  4. Store resumes.
  5. Match stored candidates with jobs and the appropriate hiring manager if there is more than one.
  6. Notify candidates that their application has been received
  7. Reject candidates
  8. Reach out to candidates for more information or an invitation to interview
  9. Keep candidates informed of their status in the hiring process
  10. Help you remember their status in the hiring process
  11. Let anyone else you want to use the system know where a candidate is in the hiring process

CRMs and ATSs usually also provide reports and analytics to help you optimize your hiring process with metrics such as the time-to-hire and how many candidates who applied were interviewed.

Why a Business Needs Online Recruitment Software

Recruiting software serves so many beneficial functions.

It saves businesses scads of money by reducing time wasted, costs of high turnover, costs of low productivity, and direct hiring costs.

It helps businesses achieve better hires, increase productivity, and build or improve their employer brand.

It makes meeting compliance and diversity goals much easier. Automated functions mean a human brain had no chance to employ conscious or unconscious bias in different stages of the hire. Because all the information and a record of steps taken are contained in the software, there is proof that no discrimination took place.

The hiring manager is swamped right now, which means they take too long to hire and make rushed decisions. It’s much better if they have more time to strategize, plan, and make smarter hiring choices. It improves your business’ culture and helps you reach your goals.

It’s better for your candidates. You can attract and hold onto better talent with more efficient hiring practices.

Slow hire times run candidates off.

A hiring manager with more time can also devote more attention to candidate communication and better onboarding.

Recruitment software can offer you all the following advantages with the click of a mouse button:

  1. Track applicants through meetings and the hiring process
  2. Examine database records with ease
  3. Match appropriate candidates with available jobs based on records that define their skills
  4. Sustain historical records for hiring managers
  5. Generate database records for all applicants
  6. Automatically maintain historical records for applicants.
  7. Easily extract data from resumes and have it automatically entered within database records.
  8. Ability to access comprehensive information about an individual’s previous occupations
  9. Keep up with each applicant’s submissions for various job openings

In addition, recruitment software also offers the following benefits, as well:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to post jobs online through job boards or websites
  • Quickly assess and rank all applicants for specific available positions
  • Job and applicant tracking
  • Automated emailing and scheduling for interviews
  • Report generator

Agencies and recruiters that need help, day to day, should try recruitment software. The amount of time saved, combined with the increased productivity, is something to take advantage of! Your agency or business will never be the same again after using it!

Tracking applicants, formatting resumes, and the overall recruitment process have never been more straightforward!

How to Know If Your Small Business Needs Recruiting Software

Any business needs recruitment software if it does enough hiring in a year to consider what they’re spending on hiring or whether their hiring efforts are practical. There’s not any such thing as too small unless you don’t really have to employ anyone and you just keep someone on most of the time to make your life easier.

You mainly need recruiting software if you’ve found yourself:

  • frustrated by hiring
  • wondering how to attract candidates
  • wanting to attract better candidates
  • feeling that you’re spending too much time on hiring
  • spending too much money on hiring
  • wasting time trying to find the application or resume of someone who applied so you can call them
  • feeling that you rushed through a hiring decision because you were tired
  • getting complaints from candidates about the method they must use to apply or a lack of communication

These are signs that you are wasting time, money, and mental resources on your hiring process and that your hiring process is struggling.

It’s Not Too Expensive

Recruiting software more than pays for itself. Between the money you save and the increased profits you gain, what money you spend on your recruiting software is just a sound investment.

Recruiting software doesn’t have to cost anything. Vendors sometimes offer free online recruitment software, such as the free version of Recruiteze’s ATS. Even our paid versions are only $9.95 and $39.95. Just about any business can afford that.

It’s also possible and recommended to purchase recruiting software with a monthly payment plan rather than a contract so you can upgrade or downgrade and even change recruiting software as you need to.

If you are still unsure about the cost, make sure to check out our article where we break down and calculate the ROI of the ATS. On the contrary, there are also the costs of hire to be taken into account.

It’s Not Too Hard to Learn

Vendors make recruiting software easier and more enjoyable to use all the time. The most difficult part, if there even is one, is the initial setup of connecting accounts.

You can ensure you get recruiting software that is easy and enjoyable for you personally to use by utilizing free trials and demos.

Free trials are an excellent opportunity to learn more about recruiting software and to discover what it will be like to use an individual software option in your day-to-day operations. That’s why we at Recruiteze offer our clients a 15-day free trial, so they could test out the software and determine whether it’s the right fit for them.

Demos allow you to try out the program with the aid of an expert, so you don’t have to waste time winging it.

It’s Secure

Recruiting software is a safer option than just keeping your hiring information on your device. The security measures you’ve taken in your business to prevent hacking are not as strong as those a reputable vendor of recruiting software would utilize.

Because most small business recruiting software works via the cloud, your information is stored in a secure server offsite and backed up frequently, so you are protected from disasters that could cause devastating data loss.

How to Purchase and Use Recruiting Software

You begin by defining your hiring goals and your reasons for using recruitment software. Your primary need may be to reduce hiring times, attract and hire better candidates, or reduce turnover.

Consider these goals to determine the type of recruiting software you need and the features it should have.

Select recruiting software you are interested in, try it out, purchase it, and follow the instructions for tailoring the software to your business.

Use your business’ unique culture and the goals you defined to create your initial strategy for keywords, how you write the emails the system will automatically send out, and so forth.

Run a couple of test candidates through, or pretend to be a candidate yourself, and see if the system responds as you expect it to. Since it will pick and reject candidates based on your specifications, you want to be sure you set it up correctly.

Enjoy the system for a while, and use the time you save from the system to reevaluate your strategy and improve on it.

You should create new hiring goals to:

  • create job ads and a careers page that creates or complements your employer brand and helps you self-screen candidates
  • send more communications to candidates during the hiring process and to make communications more informative
  • create a hiring process that better suits your needs, including the number and structure of interviews
  • Find even better keywords than the ones you started with
  • Evaluate your strategy for selecting candidates to see if there is room for improvement. There always is!
  • Repeat this improvement process regularly, such as every six months to a year.

Also, check the recruitment software periodically, such as every six months, to ensure it is still functioning as you intended. Run some test “candidates” through to see what it does and tweak it if it doesn’t match your expectations.

You don’t want to run your recruiting software and assume it’s doing your work for you or that it is perfect. It is as perfect as you make it, and it’s just a helper to you. Yes, this requires a little setup and maintenance, but the overall time and money saved and the improvements in your business will be staggering.

Click here if you wish to test out the world’s leading recruitment software Recruiteze for free, during a 15-day free trial.

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