Do you really need AI in your Small Business Recruiting Software?

online recruiting softwareThe technology landscape changes so much, with so many buzzwords and new technologies always coming up it gets overwhelming at times. We have quite a few of them which are getting associated with recruiting software like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We also have some recruiting pundits predicting the future of recruiting is AI and Big Data. If you are planning to either upgrade your recruiting software, or planning to implement in your small business. This article will help.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When I did a search in google, this is the definition of artificial intelligence provided by google.

the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

The definition is self-explanatory, so basically it is a way for automating tasks using machine intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence in recruiting?

At this point artificial intelligence in recruiting, is mainly used to come up with better job descriptions, answering questions on your careers page and screening candidates. Check out these answers on Quora to see what people are talking.

Here is a brief description of the 3 activities

  • AI for Job Descriptions – It is a nice to have, but do you really need this to come up with better job descriptions. Articles on how to write job descriptions have been beaten to death by every recruiting company out there. If you do a quick search, I am pretty sure you will find really good articles on how to write good job descriptions. Check out this article which details how to write better job description.
  • Careers Page Chat Bots – This is great if it works. We have all seen how frustrating it can be conversing with interactive voice response systems when calling customer service. If it gets smart enough and affordable, it might be helpful in the future.
  • Screening candidates – This is again like the interactive voice response systems, it will screen the candidates based on a set of questions and has to filter candidates based on the responses. How many candidates will be excited to be talking to bots? I don’t think we are ready for this yet.

Do you really need AI for your small business recruiting?

If you are hiring on and off for a few positions on an annual basis, you really do not need any of these technologies. A recruiting software like Recruiteze can help you automate and streamline your recruiting efforts.

According to this article by Matt Charney, an industry expert. AI works well when the parameters are defined. With recruiting and HR the parameters are different for every person, situation and period. A personal touch and attention is the best way to succeed in the recruiting.

Why AI might not work for your small business?

Recruiting Artificial Intelligence is still evolving. The biggest problem it can solve is sourcing candidates. So on an average each position receives about 200 resumes. Most recruiting software like Recruiteze, do a decent job of filtering candidates based on the job requirements. But AI can go a little further than a normal job skill matching, that happens with a recruiting software.

Will a small business have the large amount of data required for AI to work?

AI is based on patterns and learning. A system can learn when it has more data and the user teaches it how to identify the patterns. Google has been doing this to provide better search results, it actually has humans flagging and marking results to say which are more relevant. This way google is learning and getting better. Here is an article which shows how google employees flag content to help google learn and get better.

Has Recruiting AI evolved, so that it is configurable for your small business?

No, it has not. We do not have systems that can be configured for your business needs yet. The system will be learning and working for everyone, not just for your company. So what works for one company might not work for your team. It needs to get to a point where you can set the parameters for sourcing the right candidates for your organization. Till then it will still be a buzzword that you will keep hearing.

How long is it going to take for the technology to evolve and be available for small business?online recruiting software

It is anybody’s guess. Siri was launched in 2011, it evolved due to the scale of the iOS users. It took a while and lot of learning before it got where it is now. Does it work perfectly now? Not yet. Most people still do not use it, they have to struggle to talk to it. It does not understand most people’s accent. It is still a work in progress. Before the technology can work as you expect, it takes a lot more training, data and usage before it can be useful for a small business.

We will certainly be following this space and update you as we have more information.

Recruiteze is the best online recruiting software

Yes, AI in recruiting is exciting. It can be really helpful once it evolves and you are able to customize it for your needs. Till then an online recruiting software like Recruiteze can help you automate and streamline your recruiting process.

With Recruiteze, you can automate and manage your jobs, applications, candidates and communication from a simple, modern interface. Recruiteze is responsive, that means it is available from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Try Recruiteze FREE today.

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