Here’s What No One Tells You About Resume Formatting Systems

Everyone seems to have a basic idea regarding resume writing and formatting, but despite knowing all the technicalities, candidates commit the same mistakes time and again such as using monotonous headlines, the same order of ideas, and dull business language. All this makes the resume look like a bad copy of a standard template. If you’re searching for quality online resume formatting systems, try Recruiteze! Click here to get started.

What Should the Resume Look Like?

A well-formatted resume contains the right information presented in a proper flow of ideas that keeps the reader engaged. An ideal resume should be formatted in a building-up style of presentation that eventually grips the reader’s attention. The resume should begin with the personal details, educational qualifications, achievements, experience, etc and slowly showcase why the candidate’s talent is best suited for the post they are applying for.

All the job responsibilities, achievements, personality traits, etc should be written in bullets with a proper heading or anchor explaining what they are, else it would be difficult to keep the employer engaged.  The candidate should not focus on traits which are obvious, rather he or she should stress the traits that will make him or her stand out above the rest. For example: if the candidate is applying for the post of a marketing manager than it is obvious that the candidate would be having excellent communication skills and leadership skills. Besides showcasing that he or she is a good strategist, the candidate should also highlight his or her phenomenal negotiating skills that could save the company a lot of money. This trait will add value to the resume and portray the candidate as an ideal hire for the company.    

Resume Formatting Is Trendy!

Resume formatting is just not putting personal and professional data on a piece of paper, rather it’s the arrangement of the information in a manner that attracts the attention of prospective employers. Having a well formatted resume plays a quintessential role in making a perfect first impression on the employer.

The Scenario Today

On an average, around 250 resumes are received for every job opening. Statistics show that the sooner the candidate applies the higher the chances are for getting qualified for an interview. The reason is that the company starts receiving resumes within 200 seconds after the job position is posted. As per Monster, around 0.4M resumes are posted each week which in turns increases the competition. 

Let’s take a simple scenario of an online job posting. Around 1000 candidates will see the job advertisement. Approximately 200 will begin the application process with only 100 actually finishing the online application process. Seventy-five out of 100 would be screened either by the recruiter or the ATS and only 25 resumes will be sent to the hiring manager. 

As per Talent Function Group LLC, out of those 25, 5-8 candidates will be called for interview and 1-3 for the final round. After that only one person will be offered the job. Around 20% of the candidates refuse the offer letter.

Some Common Issues

A. A Single Resume Error Can Instantly Disqualify the Candidate

According to CareerBuilder, around 60% of the resumes that contain typing errors are rejected instantly. In a similar scenario, 43% of HR Managers disqualify the candidate if the resume contains spelling errors. Also, using an unprofessional email address leads to rejection.

The format of the resume matters. Having a professionally organized and vivid resume format that presents the relevant information in a systematic way increases the chances of being called for an interview. But submitting the resume in a PDF format or non-ATS compatible format may lead to instant rejection. Candidates should be aware of the fact that most ATS systems are not able to scan and read the content in PDF format.

B. Weak LinkedIn Profiles

It has been shown that most HR managers or recruiters use the information present on the LinkedIn profiles to verify or supplement the resume information. Social media profiles do play an important role in impacting a candidate’s chances of acceptance or rejection. As per a research conducted by TheLadders, recruiters or clients spend around 19% of their time just to view the candidate’s picture on LinkedIn. So, a professional picture turns out to be a worthwhile investment.     

C. Resumes Housed in the Corporate Database May Get Overlooked

Due to lean recruiting budgets, the overburdened HR managers or recruiters may not have time to explore the corporate database. So, applying for any job position that is not currently open or submitting a resume for a closed position will guarantee failure. It is important that candidates realize that recruiters have time to look at only those candidates who have applied for a specific job opening or are ranked high by the ATS system. 

Resume Formatting Services

Using resume formatting services helps to avoid the above mentioned common issues. Not only candidates but numerous corporate companies actively use these services as well. 

An online resume formatting system help with parsing, formatting, and adding resumes to the candidate database. Users can access candidate resumes remotely at anytime which makes it possible for them to make changes quickly. This technology helps companies and candidates customize the resume as per the client’s needs and takes the pain out of filling job requisitions. 

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Benefits of Resume Formatting Systems for Businesses

The corporate world is continuously evolving with time. The scenario today demands a constantly changing perspective and dimension of companies towards their business outlook. Considering all these things, resume formatting services are increasingly becoming one of the perennial needs of every company.         

An online resume formatting system addresses a lot of things with regard to efficient and effective recruitment. These services not only speed up the company’s recruitment services but also help in the removal of redundant resumes and customization of the resumes as per the desired format.

Resume formatting services are blessing for the HR departments of organizations who are in dire need of streamlined and consistent support of resume parsing and formatting. This helps the organizations get their key recruitment tasks addressed optimally and efficiently. By making the complete recruitment process easier and more coherent, resume formatting services help increase proper utilization of the company’s resources.  

Why Are Resume Online Resume Formatting Systems Needed?

Resume formatting services offer the right blend of resume customization that helps to address the recruitment needs in a qualitative manner. Bespoke resumes are developed based on the pre-set or user defined templates that are 100% compliant with industry standards.

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The resume formatting tools available today offer seamless coordination between HR and the induction teams which in turn makes the complete recruitment process fully streamlined. Some incredible features of resume formatting services are:

1.      Unlimited Resume Templates

Resume formatting tool offer builtin resume templates that can be customized according to the requirements.

2.      Unlimited Email Templates

The tool allows the user to create customized email templates based on the company’s branding preferences as well as clients’ needs.

3.      Accurate and Fast Parsing

Most of the tools available in the market support multiple formats such as PDF, Doc, Docx, Txt etc. This ensures quality as well as effective time utilization.

4.      Custom Headers, Footers, and Sections

It helps to display selected information in the header and footer with customized branding. The sections within the resume can be customized pretty easily such as setting font and formatting for job titles, employer names, education, etc. 

5.      Standardized Margins

The tool aids in margin setting so that the document looks exactly same online as it does on paper.

6.      Setup Tables and Standardized Dates

Cell alignment and spacing is automatically done in tables. Dates can be standardized and aligned.

  • Remove Unwanted Spaces

Spaces can be removed or defined between bullets or within the document.

  • Candidate Information Suppression

Candidate’s name and other related information is removed automatically.

  • Watermarks

In order to protect the hard work and to ensure the candidate’s intellectual property watermarks are displayed as needed.

  • Highlights Sections and Skills

The tools highlights the sections which require emphasis or special attention.

Remember a Resume Only Gets an Interview

A candidate needs a perfect resume and a bit of luck in order to go through the initial resume screening by the recruiter or by the applicant tracking system. So, it is very important that the resume is crafted as per the latest industry standards and is free from any typos or spelling errors. 

An ideal resume formatting service offers an effective and efficient solution that helps meet desired corporate and hiring goals. A good CV formatting tool blends well with the organization’s internal processes and provides the best operational efficiencies at the lowest cost.

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