Are you still formatting resumes manually?

resume formatting serviceIf you are a staffing agency, consulting company or a recruitment process outsourcing company, you know what resume formatting is. I am pretty sure, you will be happy to learn that there is a solution that can alleviate your pain.

iReformat is a fully automated resume formatting service. With iReformat, you can format a resume in less than 30 seconds. Once your custom template is setup, it is a breeze to format your resumes. iReformat is available from the web app, office app and iOS app.

What is Resume Formatting?

Resume formatting is the process of converting a candidate resume into a client presentable format. It is a process of standardizing the presentation of the resume to your company standards.

How long does it take to format a resume?

It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on how much work the resume needs. Resume formatting takes 20 minutes on an average from our survey of recruiters. This is totally dependent on the recruiter and resume; some resumes may not even need formatting.

What types of changes are done to a resume through formatting?

Read this detailed article which explains the presentation changes done through resume formatting.

Why should I use a resume formatting tool?

As a Recruiter, you have a lot of performance goals to meet. All your goals can be met or exceeded by talking more with the clients or candidates. Clients and candidates are the two-important people who can help you provide the best result.

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How does talking to clients help in performing better?

A client for a recruiter is the hiring manager. By talking to the hiring manager, you can get better job requirements, team fit requirements and personality requirements. You can have a lasting relationship with the hiring manager, by sending a candidate who fits all or most of the criteria for the job and team. A candidate needs to not only meet the job requirements, but also fit well within the team. When you as a recruiter provide candidates that fit the needs for the job. It will help in getting repeat business from the hiring manager. The candidate you place will stay longer in the role. If the candidate is a contractor, you end up making more money over a period with the commissions you get. So, what all this means is that the improved hiring manager/client communication will directly contribute to your bottom line.

How does talking to candidates help in performing better?

The candidates are the other important people you need more communication with. When you talk to a candidate, here are a few things you should consider understanding better

  • The candidate’s core strengths
  • The candidate’s education levels
  • The candidate’s experience levels
  • The desired ideal job
  • The desired ideal environment
  • The desired ideal company size
  • The desired ideal company industry
  • The desired remuneration
  • The desired job type: either full-time, part-time or contractor

resume formatting serviceWhen you learn more about the candidate, then you can discuss the most suitable job requirements with them. This will help a few things; the candidate will really appreciate that you took the time to understand their desires. This will help you maintain a lasting relationship with the candidate. This may result in working with the same candidate multiple times during the candidate’s career.
The communication with the candidate, will also help presenting the right candidate to your clients. This will make the client as well as the candidate happy.

Knowing that communication is important, it means it will take a lot more time from you to keep in touch with both clients and candidates.

Let us say you are formatting and presenting 4 resumes in a day. Even at 15 minutes per resume, that is an hour that could be better spent building relationships, to help your bottom line.

Are you ready to try our Resume Formatting Service?

Resume formatting is the one activity you can hand over to a tool. Every other recruitment activity must be done by yourself. You need to talk to the client, you need to talk to the hiring manager, you need to keep your ATS up to date. With ireformat, you can take a raw resume and format it within 30 seconds. You will also be glad to know that ireformat is available from the web app. That means it is available from any computer that has a browser and internet connection. It is also available as an Office App. You can install the office app within 30 seconds, and you will be able to format resumes from within Microsoft Word. The same login works for the web app and office app. The beauty is you do not need to be at your desk and computer to format resumes. This is truly resume formatting on the go. Check out this video here. And if you have an iOS device, it is also available from the App Store. Try iReformat FREE today.

If you are looking for an Applicant Tracking System that also has advanced resume formatting feature, then you can try Recruiteze.

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