Recruiteze —APPLICANT TRACKING​ System

Manage Your Online Applications More Efficiently Than Ever Before

Recruiteze is the most innovative and dynamic applicant tracking system available. Our cloud-based software has a wide array of functions that help you sift through your online applications with ease and identify the best candidates. And thanks to our customization features, you’ll be able to track your candidates using whatever process works best for the unique needs of your business. All of our software is designed with one goal in mind: to help you get better candidates with less effort.

Track Candidates with a Customized Workflow

Your company has a way of hiring that works best for you. Now you can drastically reduce your time and effort while still sticking to that unique method. Create a custom workflow that allows you and your team to track candidates through each phase of your hiring process.

Keep Track of Helpful Metrics

Track a variety of statistics on our activity page, including published jobs, applications received, interviews scheduled and even how many candidates have accepted or declined jobs. You can track these metrics by the day, week, month, or year, allowing you to gather valuable data that you can use to inform your hiring process and pivot to new recruitment strategies whenever necessary.

Organize & Sort Applications With Pinpoint Accuracy

Our software lets you create unlimited tags you can use to mark applications, allowing you to sort and filter them however you want. When you have hundreds or even thousands of candidates, this feature helps prevent important applications from getting lost in the pile.

Send Bulk Emails to Applicants

Compose your own automated responses to candidates who apply, or bulk message a specific group of them. You can even integrate your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or Exchange email address into our portal, allowing you to send and receive important messages using your own account.

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