Recruitment Automation Software – How It Automates Recruiting

Investing in people is one of the most significant investments made by every business. Hiring is more than a challenge because the future of the company depends on the employees.

This article details how recruiting automation using online recruitment software can help you hire better employees.

What is Recruitment Automation?

Recruitment automation is the process of using software to automate your various manual recruitment activities.

Here are the Manual Activities Without Recruiting Automation:

  1. Posting Job Advertisements on various Job Boards: Without using online recruitment software, you will manually post the job advertisements on various job boards.
  2. Updating Career Page: Either you or a website developer has to update your career page with the new job manually.
  3. Creating Screener Questions: You may have to set up a screener question form using google forms or a similar solution.
  4. Application Acknowledgement: You will have to respond to each application you receive as a courtesy to the candidate.
  5. Process the Applications: Sift through the applications and either shortlist or reject the candidates.
  6. Keep the Candidate in the Loop: Keep the applicants updated at each step of the process.
  7. Remove the Job Advertisement: Once the hiring is complete, remove the job advertisements on each of the job boards where it has been posted.
  8. Remove from the Career Page: Remove the job from the career page once the hiring is complete.
  9. Notify All Applicants: Once the hiring is complete, notify all the applicants that the position is closed.

The steps defined above are the most common steps involved in hiring an employee. With the recruitment, teams stretched, and dealing with many applications, many of these steps fall through the cracks.

A lot of times, the process works fine till the point you start receiving applications. Once you hire, there is an excellent chance you will not have time to remove the job advertisement from the various job boards, remove it from the career page, notify the applicants.

When you do not do all these, it will result in an awful candidate experience and give a wrong impression.

How to Automate Recruitment using Online Recruitment Automation Software?

One-Click Job Distribution to Numerous Job Boards: Using online recruitment software, you can distribute your job advertisement to numerous job boards with one click.

Post Job on Career Page: Again, you can post your job to your career page with a single click.

Set up Screener Questions: It is easy to set up customizable applicant screener questions and associate them with a job. Screener questions will significantly enhance your ability to shortlist or reject candidates quickly.

Automated Application Acknowledgement: Most modern online recruitment software can send personalized automatic application acknowledgment to the candidate. An application acknowledgment greatly enhances the candidate experience. Ideally, an acknowledgment should let the candidate know the next steps in the recruitment process.

Communication: An online recruitment software dramatically enhances your ability to keep the candidates in the loop using email templates. Communication is the key to an outstanding candidate experience.

Processing Applications: It becomes easy to process a large number of applications using an online recruitment system.

Removing Job from Job Boards and Career Page: All you have to do is deactivate your job from the recruitment software, and it will be removed from the job boards and your career page.

Along with the process improvements you can see through recruitment automation, here are the other benefits of online recruitment software.

Candidate Database: You will start building a candidate database as you hire for more positions. When you cannot find candidates, you can search your candidate database to see if you had any past runner-ups; you can reach out and hire.

Hiring Metrics: You will track your hiring metrics like time to hire, which application sources are working, recruiter performance, and various other metrics.

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