Recruiteze: How to add users or licenses to your Account

This help article applies to Recruiteze: Online Recruitment Software only.

Managing user accounts is detailed in this help article:

How to add/remove user accounts

Once the user is added to the organization, an email goes out to the newly added user. They need to click on the link in the email to join the organization account. The steps for that is shown below. The next image shows the email content.

Recruiteze: Adding User Email
Recruiteze: Adding User Email

Once the user clicks the link to join, they are taken to the first step of completing their registration. The first step of this flow is to set a password for the account, image shown below.

Recruiteze: User Joining Account Step 1
Recruiteze: user joining organization account – step 1

In the next step, the user has to fill their contact information to complete the registration. The image below shows the contact information view.

Recruiteze: User Joining Account Step 2
Recruiteze: user joining organization account -step 2

Here is the help article on how to quickly remove users/licenses from Recruiteze: Online Recruitment Software.

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