Recruiteze-iReformat Release Notes 06-27-2015

This Release Note applies both to Recruiteze: Online Recruitment Software and iReformat: Automated Resume Formatting software products.

We had a major release this weekend. Not a lot of visible changes, but we have built the engine required to quickly add job boards for publishing jobs.

The visible changes are we have fixed the Feedback widget, now we have the Feedback/Support working and available from all pages of the product. Image shown below.

Recruiteze: Feedback Widget Link
Recruiteze: Feedback Widget Link

We really value the feedback we have received from the users so far, we are making it easier for someone to provide the feedback.

Based on user feedbback, we have changed the “Existing Candidate Reformat” feature to “Search Candidate By Name/Email”, the reason was to keep the user experience consistent with the “Candidate Search” feature and also provide the additional functionality that comes with the “Candidate Search Results” page.

Here is a detailed article which explains how to use the Search by Name/Email Feature.

We have also fixed some bugs during this process.

We have quite a few things planned for next month, we will keep you updated as we release new features and bug fixes.

Please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com, if you have any questions/suggestions/feedback.

Happy Recruiting!

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