Recruiteze/iReformat Release Notes October 4th 2015

Today we released updates for 3 apps. iReformat, Recruiteze and iReformat Office App.

We made the following change to the iReformat Formatting Engine

Now we have a new Highlight Option called “Remove All Highlight and Highlight Specified SKills/Keywords”, this was based on customer feedback and it is also useful to remove all the bold formatting and highlight only the specified keywords.

There were other bug fixes.

iReformat API

Performance Improvements were made for the iReformat Formatting service API, this will help the Office App and the iOS App.

Recruiteze: Recruitment Software

Recruiteze had a major release today with a completely upgraded Job Posting Wizard. This new Job Posting Wizard guides you through the steps to write a useful and detailed job description, which can get the attention of job seekers.

Check our guide on how to write good job descriptions.

iReformat: Office App

The Office App had a major release with the completely redoing the Email functionality within the app, there were several issues with the attachments not going through and not getting formatted emails. All these have been fixed.

There was also issues with the Save As Dialog not working consistently, this has been fixed.

Sometimes clicking on the Reformat button would just keep spinning without a response, that has been fixed.

Other session issues to keep the logged in session for extended period of time is also fixed and working as expected.

Overall a good release for the Office App. Check this guide on how to use the Office App.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this release. Send an email to support at recruiteze dot com.

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