How to Recruit EMS

Recruiting EMS can be difficult if the right steps are not taken. Finding proper experience, skills, and education is important. Here, you will find tips that can help you recruit EMS. Another great tip is by using free recruiting software made by Recruiteze. Recruiteze helps you recruit smarter and with less money invested compared with other software packages. Start your free trial.

Free Recruiting Software

Online recruiting is a great way to find EMS. Using social media, LinkedIn, and online applications can be beneficial. Online assessments are great for sifting through paramedics that may apply. Asking specific questions in the assessment that will help you understand their proficiency in trauma life support, BLS & ALS, and questions that will help you better understand their current position is a great way to recruit.

Once the online assessment has been done it’s important to choose candidates that you can do a full assessment on. You’ll want to test them on protocols and paramedic knowledge. You may also choose to put them in a scenario where they should respond to cardiac arrest and resuscitation. Defibrillation should be another scenario for you to consider testing them on.

Here, you’ll find questions, according to, that you can use to assess the candidate. Some of these could be used for the online assessment and others might be better suited for the sit down interview that comes after the online assessment.

  • Are they being offered fair compensation for what they are asked to do?
  • Do new members feel that they are supported to learn and grow in the organization?
  • Do people know how to get the job done?
  • Do they feel that the organization has a good reputation?
  • Do they feel that they will have opportunities to advance?
  • Do they trust the senior leadership?
  • How were they introduced to the organization?
  • Is the purpose of the organization clear?
  • Is their current position secure?
  • What attracted them to apply?
  • What drives them to do their best?
  • What keeps them with you or would drive them away?

Another great way to recruit EMS is by using an applicant tracking system. They’re great for recruiters who are looking to streamline their operation and make sure nothing falls through the cracks!

Best 2019 Free Recruiting Software

When you need help with your hiring efforts, consider using our free recruiting software and online applicant tracking system! The following benefits can be gained from incorporating powerful recruiting software like Recruiteze:

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  • Reporting and analytics
  • Configure time zone

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