Resume Database Software – 2023 Recommendations and How to Choose the Right One

resume database software

Resume database software, resume management software, resume database management software, resume sorting software, resume filtering software… All of these names refer to the same thing: the software that collects, organizes, sources, and stores resumes in a database.

In this post, we will go over a few important aspects of resume database software:

  • What is resume database software?
  • Benefits of using resume database software
  • How to choose the right one for you?
  • Top 5 resume database software to try in 2023

So let’s dive in!

What is resume database software?

A resume database software, also known as an applicant tracking system (ATS), is a tool used by recruiters and hiring managers to manage job applications and candidate information.

These software solutions provide an organized way to store and search through resumes, manage and track the recruitment process, and sometimes even rank candidates based on pre-set criteria.

Key features of resume database software typically include:

  • Resume storage: You can store all resumes in one place, making it easier to manage applications and find specific resumes.
  • Resume parsing: This feature automatically extracts information from resumes and categorizes it into fields such as name, contact information, work experience, education, skills, and more.
  • Keyword search: You can search through resumes using specific keywords, helping you find candidates with certain skills or experience.
  • Ranking and scoring: Some software solutions can rank candidates based on their suitability for a job role, making it easier to find the best candidates.
  • Integration: These tools can often be integrated with job posting sites, social media, and other platforms to streamline the recruitment process.
  • Tracking: ATS systems track applicants throughout the hiring process, from application to hire, providing insights into candidate status and overall recruitment performance.
  • Compliance: These systems often have features designed to ensure compliance with various laws and regulations, including data privacy and equal opportunity hiring.

As mentioned above, resume database software is a software that Collects, Sources, Parses, Tracks, Uploads, Organizes, Formats, and stores resumes in a database in order to help recruiters to manage them more easily, save time and boost efficiency when choosing suitable candidates.

Thanks to this, recruiters get more time to focus on what really matters instead of sorting our resumes. Just imagine getting dozens of resumes a day, all coming for different jobs. No wonder resume management is a high priority in the HR and Recruiting spheres.

Let’s get into the main benefits of resume database software and how it can help you be more productive.

What are the benefits of using resume database software?

Resume Sourcing


You post a job online on many different mediums and job boards, and now you get dozens of resumes a day, all coming from different mediums and on top for different job positions!

Now you have to keep all the platforms you have posted jobs on in mind and check them diligently. Then you have to download all the resumes and sort them accordingly. What are the chances you will miss out on something?


Especially if you have various job positions to track.

This is where resume database software comes into play. It saves you time and energy and collects all the resumes for you!

Resume Tracking


Once all the resumes are collected, you don’t have to worry about noting where they came from since the software will do it for you. It will figure out if the candidate applied via LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or social media and note it for you.

Resume Uploading


Want to upload all those resumes into an ATS? No problem. The good resume database software can handle that for you. No more boring, time-consuming, step-by-step filling out of the information.

Simply bulk import all the data, and you are good to go.

Resume Parsing


Don’t lose time on manually reviewing every resume every time before inviting candidates for the interview.

Good resume management software will extract the most important information from resumes into condensed candidate profiles for you. Now all you need to do is have a simple glance to see the essential factors like skills, education, and contact information.



Some candidates apply multiple times from different emails and profiles, and that can create a whole new level of hassle.

Fortunately, resume software can filter out the existing candidates already and save you time and resources.



Store all the resumes with ease. Have them all stored in one place and browse through them whenever you need to find something. Besides searching by a keyword, you can also search historically.

How to choose the right resume database software in 2023?

Choosing a resume database software or an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your hiring process. Here are some considerations to help guide your decision:

Understand your needs: Different businesses have different needs. Are you a small company with only a few positions to fill each year, or a large organization that needs to handle thousands of resumes? Do you need the system to integrate with other software you already use, like HR or payroll systems? The answers to these questions will guide your decision-making.

1. Ease of use: An intuitive, user-friendly interface is crucial. The software should make your life easier, not more complicated. A complicated system might deter your team from using it effectively.

2. Features: Determine which features are essential for your organization. This could include resume parsing, candidate ranking, keyword search, communication tools, reporting capabilities, and the ability to post jobs on multiple job boards.

3. Customization: Can the software be customized to fit your company’s branding and specific needs? The ability to tailor forms, workflows, and candidate communication can be quite beneficial.

4. Scalability: Make sure the software can grow with your company. It should be able to handle an increase in volume of resumes and job postings as your company grows.

5. Integration: The software should integrate seamlessly with your current systems – whether that’s your HR system, your website, your email system, or others.

6. Mobile compatibility: In today’s world, a mobile-friendly system is increasingly important. Many candidates apply for jobs and check their application status on their phones.

7. Support: Good customer support is crucial. You want to ensure that any issues can be resolved quickly and smoothly.

8. Compliance: The software should help you comply with relevant laws and regulations, including data privacy and anti-discrimination laws.

9. Cost: Cost is always a factor. While you don’t want to skimp on a tool that can greatly improve your process, you should ensure you’re getting good value for your money.

Before finalizing your decision, take advantage of free trials or demos to get a feel for how the software works. You can also read reviews from other users to learn about their experiences.

Great resume database software to try out in 2023


Now that we have gone over some basics let’s see what are some of the best resume database software to try out in 2023.

In this article, we will cover the following tools:

  1. Recruiteze
  2. JobScore
  3. SignalHire


Recruiteze is an ATS that has a built-in resume database software. It allows you to post to multiple job boards at once, including ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Indeed, Google Jobs, and much more.

All of the received resumes you can easily manage in a database. From there on, you can easily create customized workflows, share profiles, and much more to allow you to be more productive and efficient.

Another pro of using Recruiteze is that it also has a CRM feature to help you manage vendors, clients, and hiring managers effortlessly.

Here’s a list of all the features Recruiteze comes with:

  1. Customizable Forms – Customize forms for different jobs so that they match the company and job role.
  2. Career Pages – Let visitors know what job openings you have with career page widgets that automatically stay up to date.
  3. Bulk Emails – Send personalized emails to multiple candidates at once.
  4. Tags and filters – Browse through candidates with ease.
  5. Email Adress Integration – send and receive emails through the platform from your own account and stay updated.
  6. CRM – manage recruiters, vendors, candidates, and teammates.
  7. Job Broadcasting – Share jobs on multiple platforms at once
  8. Resume Formating with iReformat – Parse resumes, add them to the candidate database, and reformat the information however you like. You can create however many templates you need.
  9. Customizable workflows, reports, and many more.

Recruiteze is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to have all of their recruitment efforts handled by one software. It is great for small businesses since it has been designed to meet small business hiring projects’ needs.

Another pro is that you can test out all of our features entirely for free during the demo for free.

We offer 4 different packages, including a custom plan, so that you can get everything you need at an affordable price.

Keep in mind that if you ever get stuck at something, we offer 24-hour email support to help you solve all the obstacles and answer your questions.



JobScore is a resume database software mainly created for smaller, entry-level recruiting teams. However, if you want, you can upgrade to the enterprise to get more advanced features.

Here’s a list of the main features it provides:

  1. Keyword searchable database
  2. Tells you who matches your expectation and job requirements
  3. Post at multiple job boards at once
  4. Helps with blind recruiting as candidates name remains hidden
  5. Recommends qualified candidates based on your requirements

Here’s a quick list of some additional features JobScore has:

  • Images and videos in job descriptions
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Customizable job application forms
  • Shared resume database
  • Email and interview templates
  • Integrations
  • Reports
  • Social recruiting, and many more.

The important thing to note when it comes to integrations is that they offer LinkedIn recruiter integration only at the enterprise level, which can be considered overpriced.

They do offer a free package for the resume database software if you decide to share resumes with their network. That free plan allows you to manage one active job with unlimited users. This is great for small businesses.

The $99/mo package lets you manage 5 different active jobs at once, and the $299/mo package allows you to manage 10 different positions.

As you upgrade, you get more features as well.

Keep in mind that JobScore is more of a database than an automation tool, even though they have ATS and some basic automation features.

It is easy to navigate and manage, but we have noticed that their UI is plain and boring, which is uninspiring and has an old corporate feel to it.

Their customer support is not 24/7, but just during Pacific Standard business hours. This can pose a problem to businesses located outside of the timezone, especially in Europe and Eastern countries. Even if you are in their timezone, waiting until the morning or for the weekend to pass in order to solve a problem can be frustrating.

With everything being said, JobScore is mainly great for simple information storing and sorting. It is easy to use and a good deal for small hiring teams. However, if you are looking for something more than just a resume database software, you should choose something else since it is not on the same level as other ATSs with similar pricing.



Unlike the previously mentioned two, SignalHire is a resume database software designed for medium-sized busy recruiting agencies and HR departments.

Their database software offers you access to a large base of curated candidates.

SignalHire offers the following services and features:

  1. SignalHire Finder – This service comes with features that help you verify all the emails, find email addresses in bulk or by location, name, or position.
  2. CRM – Sync your email, send bulk emails and track conversations.
  3. ATS – Find candidates and export accurate databases.

Since they offer many features, let’s quickly take a glance at what they don’t provide:

  • Applicant tracking and recruiting assessments
  • Onboarding
  • Reference checking
  • Interview management
  • Background screening
  • Internal HR
  • Self-service portals

When choosing the right resume database software, it is important to think whether a certain software offers all the features you need and at which price it does so.

We liked the SignalHire extension as it quickly lets us get the contact information on individual profiles on social media. This is a real timesaver, as it saves you from digging up the emails and phone numbers of people for hours.

When it comes to pricing, SignalHire has a flexible pricing plan, and they are completely customizable to fit your needs. They have a free trial that allows you to get 5 contacts, and after that, you will have to upgrade to a paid version.

ATS with the resume database?

Yes, a great ATS comes with built-in resume database software.

There is no need to be bothered with uploading resume data from one software to another when you can have it all in one.

That’s why Recruiteze is here! Recruiteze has many benefits for small business hiring projects. It allows candidates to apply to be added to your database immediately.

Needs-based online recruiting has never been easier with your custom job board. Our cloud-based resume database software allows candidates and customers to have easy access to their information anywhere in the world. As an end-user, you’ll benefit by accessing candidate resumes online and making changes quickly anytime you need to.

Choosing the right resume database software for your business is easy with help from Recruiteze! Want to use it for free? You can access our recruiting software for free with a basic membership. Recruiteze is our online applicant tracking system that allows candidates to apply to be added to your database immediately.

End-users can access candidate resumes online and make changes quickly. Recruiting based on your needs has never been easier with your custom job board. This feature allows candidates and customers easy access to information and creates a level of professionalism expected in today’s marketplace.

When your staffing agency or firm needs help with recruiting online, make the right choice by using our resume database software for staffing and small to medium-sized companies!

Recruiteze is a powerful ATS that makes recruiting and hiring a lot easier. When job candidates apply to your open positions, they’re instantly added to your talent database, and you can access and format their resumes anywhere at any time.

We make recruiting easy because Recruiteze also comes with a custom job board. It allows candidates and customers easy access to information and creates a level of professionalism expected in today’s marketplace.

We offer a free 15-day trial on any of our other memberships, and paid packages start at only $10 per month with unlimited support, users, and more!

Get started with Recruiteze for FREE!

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