How Recruiting Software Improves Your Business

Recruiting software is intended to save recruiters, hiring managers, and business owners time that they normally spend doing mindless hiring tasks so they can focus on other tasks that require more strategy and creativity. The software performs this miraculous function by automating many functions and helping you organize others. This post will list many of the key benefits you can see when you start using recruiting software.

How Recruiting Software Improves Your Business

The Scoop on Recruiting Software

First, it’s important to know more about recruiting software in order to understand how it can help you.

What is recruiting software? Well, it is any software designed to optimize hiring tasks. Any hiring task. This can be software that helps you find candidates, stores candidates, provides video interviewing, or tracks the onboarding process.

There are:

  • social media aggregators to find active and passive candidates all over social media
  • resume spiders to search the web for resumes of active and passive candidates
  • ATSs to make the acquisition of new resumes super simple
  • CRMs to store, organize, and suggest resumes in your database
  • resume formatting tools to make all resumes match a template for easy reading
  • interviewing software to organize and/or digitize the interviewing process
  • onboarding software to organize and streamline this last and extremely important part of hiring

The primary purpose of all recruiting software is to automate tasks that are mindless, like uploading and formatting resumes, and to organize other hiring tasks with candidate notes, work flows and more, so you can work smarter rather than harder and therefore improve your hiring process tremendously.

Hire Better Candidates

The first, most obvious, benefit of using recruiting software is that you can hire better candidates.

Time wasted is… time wasted. If you’re like most recruiters and hiring managers, you’re swamped with resumes and trying to improve your time-to-fill rate at the same time. This is not conducive to making the best hiring decision, rather your decision is likely to be rushed. You need some room to breathe.

Not feeling so rushed keeps your mind fresher. You can read resumes more deliberately. You can also not feel so burnt out that you can barely even read them anymore. It does happen. Of course, it will. It isn’t possible to cram your head full of this much doing without getting burnt out. Your mind will force you to take a break, even if it’s in the middle of a resume. Needless to say, if you can work more efficiently so you have more time and brain power to devote to your work, you’ll do better work. With the time and mental energy saved, you can give more personal attention to each resume and maybe give more thought to soft skills.

Attract Better Candidates

Recruiting software can help you attract candidates that are a better match for your business.  

Applicant tracking systems like Recruiteze provide a mobile-friendly careers page and easy application process that candidates will love. This is particularly important for attracting Millennials and Generation Z. They require the ability to apply online and on mobile devices and for the process to be as quick and easy as possible. You may question why this is important, meanwhile they’ll be moving on to apply at companies who do have mobile-friendly careers pages or while they’re waiting for your lengthy application process, they may decide to try one of your competitors. Their time is important too.

Attract a Wider Range of Candidates

Want to broaden your scope of candidates?

Video interviewing can help you reach remote workers and those who live beyond driving distance. With the latter group, you get the extra exciting benefit of not having to pay for transportation to the interview. Video interviewing can also relieve the stress for many job candidates and help you achieve better interviews. You might be surprised to realize how many abled and disabled candidates find the interview process off-putting, particularly ones with several interviews. You can smooth this obstacle with video interviewing software.

Source More, Better Candidates

Sourcing is a time-consuming task. Recruiting software like social media aggregators and resume spiders can find great active and passive candidates you might never find, and you don’t have to do anything but open the software.

If you’re waiting for candidates to come to you, you could be missing out on some excellent passive talent. Of course, you’re trying to save time, not add on more time-sucking activities, so if you want the benefits of finding these other great candidates without putting more work on your plate, recruiting software that does the sourcing for you is ideal.

Improve Hiring Strategy

The time you save by using recruiting software gives you more opportunity to set and achieve hiring goals, to strategically plan great job ads, and to engage in employer branding.

Excellent job ads and employer branding attract better candidates, can bring in candidates with little effort from you, and can help candidates self-screen. Self-screening saves you even more time because poorly matched candidates will likely not apply, and you’ll have fewer resumes to go through.

Improve Communication

Communication is a crucial part of great hiring, but it’s hard to find the time to do it when you’re swamped.

Automatic reply functions in applicant tracking systems and CRMs help with this a lot.

The software can automatically reject candidates and send them a notification with your message to the candidate. Instantly. You didn’t have to do anything but set up the software and draft the message.

It can also notify candidates that their resumes have been received, notify them that you’d like to schedule an interview with them, and even schedule an interview. It can then tell them each time they are moved through a step in the hiring process and when to expect the next step.

Just this automation is a life-saver. But you can use the time saved from the automation to draft the best messages to improve your candidate experience and employer brand.

Richard Branson invites every candidate he rejects to try again in the future. Some other companies provide links to training materials. With both methods, candidates who are already interested in your company will still feel an investment in your company and may come back to you in six months, a year, or several years down the line as the candidate you do want to hire. Sometimes there wasn’t anything wrong with them to begin with, you just didn’t have  enough openings.

Excellent communication also happens in the in-between stages. In those automated messages the system sends to invite the candidate to interviews and tell them where they are, ensure there is plenty of information to keep the candidate from worrying and getting antsy. This can keep candidates from looking for other jobs while you’re going through the hiring process.

Stronger Company Culture

The extra time also gives you more opportunity to define your company culture and perform the measuring, surveying, and listening that ensure your company culture is really what you think it is. Drawing up a nice mission statement doesn’t mean anything if