Recruiting the Elusive Unicorn

free online recruiting softwareUnicorns are mythical, fantastic creatures that are quite rare. In fact, they are so rare that they’re unlikely to exist. According to history they are perfect and beautiful. Most accounts of these creatures are found in natural history rather than mythology. According to these accounts they had a specific skill set that could heal even the most fatal disease or injury.

Unfortunately, only specific, special people could catch them. So, the question remains to this day, are they real? If you’re looking for high quality, free online recruiting software, be sure to check out Recruiteze. Keep reading to learn more.

Do Unicorns Really Exist?

Today, we tend to refer to wonderful, yet hard to reach, things as our unicorn. It might be finding the best spouse, job or home. In the recruiting world, these creatures are those top talent individuals who would be the perfect fit for certain positions. Some assume that these recruiting unicorns do not exist. Others continue to believe that one day they’ll find this elusive individual.

Thankfully, there are several ways to build a strong team of employees. That way, you won’t have to spend your career searching for the one thing you won’t likely find. Even more, you can create your own definition of what a “near” unicorn is. Then, you can search for them with better luck. Also be sure to pay attention to your talent pool and potential candidates that come to you. You never know when this perfect fit may show up.

You may still be wondering whether or not it is worth trying to find this unicorn. You might also wonder when the extra effort is necessary. Below, you’ll find several tips that will help you with recruiting as well as help find your unicorn.

Is it worth it? If you’ve compiled a specific list of qualifications and expect candidates to reach certain requirements, it might be hard to find the perfect match. Often, the question arises – is it even worth the search? Will I ever find this unicorn? Unfortunately, it’s doubtful you’ll find one perfect person who can do everything you’d like, including having a great work ethic, fit in well with the company’s culture and have the qualifications and requirements needed to do the job as well as you want. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t continue the search for this person. And, if you never find them, consider compiling a team of individuals that together meet all your requirements and qualifications.

Should I stop looking for unicorns? While the short answer is no, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Of course, you should always look for the best of the best when it comes to recruiting. However, it should not keep you from hiring at all. As we mentioned above, consider assembling a team that has a combined list of qualifications and requirements that will work well for what you need. Finding an individual talent unicorn would be great but the possibility of it happening is less likely than you think.

Free Online Recruiting SoftwareShould I settle for less? Remember, a unicorn is a mythical creature that is perfect in every way. The likelihood of finding your unicorn is not realistic. However, that doesn’t mean you should settle. Look for someone that’s almost a unicorn. Maybe a gorgeous white horse without the horn? They might still have the same skill set and qualifications, but they might not be able to offer the same work experience or may have a different personality. That doesn’t mean they won’t work. Don’t just settle, but do consider hiring the next best thing.

According to, “One person’s talent unicorn is another person’s mediocre applicant. What matters is your criteria. If you’re looking for a new head of marketing, for example, you might want someone who is really strong on online demand generation, but also superior at managing messaging and branding–oh, and they need to know public relations, too. And product marketing to a very specific segment. But these are all very different skills. The likelihood of finding one person with every single thing you want ideally–including cultural fit, work ethic, and so on–is next to zero. Thus, finding the best talent simply depends on what you’re looking for and whether you’re willing to compromise.”

Maximizing your recruiting efforts, investing the time to make a talent pool or keeping an applicant tracking system up to date is key in ensuring you hire top candidates. Of course, they might not be your unicorn, but they’ll be quite useful, none the less. Don’t settle for mediocre employees, strive to find the best of the best. Those that fit your specific needs might come in the form of a team or one individual. Either way, you’ll know that with great recruiting skills, hiring the cream of the crop is the only way to go.

Free Online Recruiting Software Reduces Hiring Challenges

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