The Resume Formatting Service Advantage

Markets and businesses these days demand a constant change in company’s outlook and perspectives. Today businesses are evolving rapidly. Resume formatting services have emerged to be one of the perennial needs for every company. 

Resume Formatting Service

Almost every company, be it small or large, is looking for resume formatting services and tools. The reason is simple. It makes their recruitment process easy, fast, and efficient. We all know that a first impression is the most effective one and one that stays for long a time. It’s the first impression that lays the foundation of many future decisions. The same goes true for job applications/resumes as well.

If you are still formatting resumes manually, it’s high time to take advantage of resume formatting services. If you don’t, your competitor will take the advantage!   

Writing a resume is a tough task but putting the information in a well presented manner is the need of the hour. Resume formatting services help staffing agencies or consultancy firms arrange the candidate’s personal and professional data in such a way that it draws the attention of the prospective employer in the first go. 

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The resume formatting service tools help the companies to address their recruitment needs in a well organized and efficient manner that too adhering with all the latest trending resume formats. If you are looking for a professional resume formatting service or are in a fix whether to avail yourself of these services or not, then this article will be a great help in answering all your queries and dilemmas.

What Does a Resume Formatting Service Do?

 A resume formatting service helps companies and organizations manage and operate their resume bank online in an efficient and well-organized manner. The software saves a lot of time and acts as a formatting enhancer. A resume formatting service assists the small companies and organizations in hiring the industry’s best professionals with desired qualifications. The software filters and parses the desired information and aids in the appropriate sentence phrasing and structural improvements. Grammar correction and proofreading are also performed smoothly. Other information such as skills, education, work experience, certification, and more are also formatted along with giving a proper description to the resume.

The resume formatting software is designed to handle large volumes of data and seamlessly format the information as per the desired format within seconds. An ideal resume formatting service is equipped with the latest techniques for accurate and prompt resume processing services. The resumes are formatted in a presentable format which also includes resume realignment (to make it printer friendly) and margin correction. The sentence structures are also taken care of and the service ensures that overall appearance of the resume stays intact. Many job seekers rely on resume maker tools to create and design their resumes from scratch, which can save them time and effort in formatting and aligning the information.

Problems While Formatting a Resume

Most of the recruiters or the hiring managers try to format the resumes manually and end up with very less or no time left for performing other recruitment activities. Let’s have a look at some of the common problems faced by the recruiters while formatting a resume:

1. Ineffective Utilization of Time

Because resume formatting is a time consuming task, frustration is likely to creep in and the hiring managers may find it difficult to focus on other important aspects of recruiting. Ultimately, either the quality of hire suffers or the recruitment process becomes a lengthy affair.

2. No Particular Standard

The format may vary from client to client. There is no hard and fast rule for designing the resumes. Resume formatting software comes with some pre-defined formats. Recruiters may also customize the formats to meet their requirements.

3. Formatting Resumes in a Format Other than .DOC

Many recruiters face this problem as the resumes they receive are in different formats like .pdf, .rtf, .txt, etc. It becomes very difficult to translate them back into Word format and then edit. As a result, it is common for such resumes to get rejected the moment they are received as the recruiters don’t really have any time to format them.

How Does a Resume Formatting Service Help You?

1. Strategic Tool for Marketing

A resume is not just a summary of your work experience or a listing of your professional history. In fact, it is a strategic tool to market you as an individual or your business or brand. Thinking from the recruiter’s perspective, they don’t have enough time to scan each and every resume and connect all the dots. A resume formatting service helps to build a resume that tells a clear story about the candidate and what he is capable of offering the organization in the future.   

2. Helps in Identifying Accomplishments

Resume formatting software helps to distinguish between accomplishments and not just the job description. It helps to bring focus on what the candidate did in his previous job and not just mention the role. The software helps make accomplishments unique and avoids generic descriptions. 

3. Customizing the Resume to the Job

The software ensures that the resumes are formatted as per the template and are adhering to the client needs and requirements. It makes sure that for every new role the resume is tailored perfectly and has all the qualities according to the job description.

4. Quantifying the Accomplishments

A resume formatting tool helps design the document in such a way that it markets the candidate’s strengths and skills rather than focusing on the personal information. The highlighting feature helps to highlight the candidate’s specific achievements which in turn enhance candidate’s marketability.  

5. Replaces Objective with a Career Summary

A career summary is basically a brief professional overview of the candidate. The resume formatting services help to develop an impressive summary that immediately grabs the client’s and the recruiter’s attention. It powerfully and accurately poses the candidate as a perfect hire for the given job requirement.

6. Network Marketing

For candidates who are unemployed or are freshers, handing out resumes is a full-time activity. Mid to senior level posts are filled usually through networking, so having a resume which adheres to the latest market trends is an absolute necessity in this highly competitive world.   

7. Resume Keywords

Most of the companies use applicant tracking systems to filter the resumes as per their job requirements. The filtering is done on the basis of keywords or some phrases. So, it is very important that the resume contains some essential keywords taken from the job description or candidate’s job role or industry experience. A resume containing these keywords ensures that the candidate will pass at least the initial checks. A resume formatting tool closely examines the job description or job listing to find out the most suitable keywords and then weaves them in the resume and cover letter as well.

How Does a Resume Formatting Service Benefit the Organization?

An ideal resume formatting service provides a perfectly tailored resume that helps in addressing the recruitment needs of the staffing firms, consultancy firms, and recruiters effectively and qualitatively. The customized resume templates offered by resume formatting software helps to design the resume according to the respective industry needs and gives a professional touch to the resumes.  

The resume formatting software integrates seamlessly with the company’s HR system or the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Good formatting software offers the recruiters complete guidance and input regarding the formatting methods. The in-built or customized templates help to weave the resume in an attention grabbing method as well as bring uniformity in all the resumes submitted to the client.

Also, integrating a resume formatting service within the company’s recruitment software offers effective and seamless coordination with the induction team as well as HR team.

Some Easy and Effective Strategies for Resume Formatting

It is always better to accept the resumes in .doc format. Many of the applicant tracking systems rejects the resume submitted in any other format except .doc (or .docx). The resumes submitted in .pdf, .txt etc formats are not compatible with the resume formatting services either.  Translating them first into .doc may lead to loss of information or incorrect data. So, it is always better to clearly state the desired format of the resume in a job description.

The recruitment agencies or staffing firms are generally faced with a grueling task of removing the candidate information from the resumes and adding their logo before they may submit the resume to the client. The resume formatting tool makes this whole process of removing unwanted information and logo addition easy and automated. The tool removes the candidate’s personal information such as name, contact number, address automatically so that the candidate may not be contacted by the client directly.   

The SAAS based tools available today format the resume in just 30 seconds and make the resume a powerful marketing tool by adding goal oriented and strong words in the resume.

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