Seven Signs You’re in Love with Recruiting Software

applicant tracking system for recruiters and hiring managersThe inception of recruiting software has helped recruiters attain peace of mind by not only reducing administrative hassles but also streamlining their hiring process. An applicant tracking system for recruiters helps effectively channel their efforts by connecting them with the best talent and optimizing their talent acquisition campaigns.

Now, let us see how Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have revolutionized the lives of recruiters, hiring mangers, HR staff, and more.


An ATS helps recruiters add candidates to a single searchable database, advertisement and job management, communication with the recruiting team, searching and storing recruitment related information, and more. Recruiters love to use recruiting software as it cuts down their time and energy vested in searching for the right operations and information during the recruitment journey.

TA Managers

An ATS helps the TA managers monitor the hiring pipeline as well as pull up the analytical reports. This helps the TA managers to draw actionable insights and generate appropriate reports.

Hiring Managers

The applicant tracking system actually keeps the complete recruitment team in sync during the process. It helps Hiring Managers to directly crosscheck the candidate pipeline and give their suggestions/feedback. This eventually saves a lot of time on the recruiter’s end.


An applicant tracking system for recruiters comes with an inbuilt referral portal. In fact, this is the first thing recruiters look for before buying an ATS. The referral portal helps the employees get a peek into the current job openings and refer them to the interested candidates- their family and friends.

It even saves a lot of overhead from the recruiter’s point of view as the employers are no longer required to connect with the employees in order to procure their resumes. All the resumes can directly be uploaded over the ATS by the employees. Also, the employees can stay updated on the referral’s status and they don’t even have to personally visit the recruiter or the HR manager to know the status.

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ATS: The Indispensable Part of the Hiring Process

Perfect recruitment software doesn’t only save the time and money but also ensures that the recruiters are hiring the best of the talent. Recruitment software has become an indispensable part of the hiring process during the last few years. An applicant tracking system for recruiters does all the significant things demanded by an organization i.e. attracting, retaining, and recruiting the best people and talent.

Love the Recruiting Software

We all know that the needs of no two businesses are same and, thus, the criteria for their selection or hiring also varies. It may happen that if something works for one company, it may not work for its competitor. The recruiting software available in the market is backed by some incredible features that make you fall in love with them.

1. Multi-channel candidate sourcing

Multi-channel candidate sourcing helps recruiters attract the candidates to their job openings. The complete process of posting jobs on social media and setting up an employee referral portal are automated. Further, all the customizations are done as per the needs and requirements of the business/organization. The ability to manage e-mails with your ATS is certainly like a cherry on the top of the cake.

2. Manage candidates across the hiring process

The recruiters as well the employees who have made a referral can see the real-time status of the application that has been submitted. The applicant tracking system allows them to view the visual representation of the candidate at various stages. Just a peek into this scenario will help you learn about the hiring pipeline in a nutshell.

3. Intelligent resume parsing

This is the heart of any ATS as without resume parsing there is no point in buying an ATS.

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A resume parser takes a resume as an input and formats it according to the requirements of the software. After the resumes have been parsed and added into the database, the recruiter can actually perform a search on any number of candidate profiles. The results are generated within fractions of seconds.

4. Job board integrations

For attracting a huge audience, you need to integrate the ATS with a number of job boards online that will help you in your quest for finding the desired talent. Promoting the jobs over various job boards (free or premium) to attract the potential candidates is a time consuming yet very important task performed by a recruiter. Automating job promotions over job boards certainly makes the life of a recruiter easy.

You just need to link your ATS with the job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. After that, whenever you want to publish your job over these platforms, you can do it with a single click. Bingo! Your jobs are published.

5. Automated email communication

Email communications play a very vital role in developing a good candidate experience. A good ATS will facilitate automated email communication using personalized email templates. The recruiter just needs to draft a personalized email once for every job post and can, thereafter, start sending the emails.

So, the next time when the recruiter shortlists any candidate for an interview or a personal interaction, an automated email gets triggered to the candidate’s e-mail ID stored in the database.

6. Extensive analytics & reporting

Analytics tells you the crust of the recruitment process. An ATS not only lets the HR manager dive into his own performance but of the team members as well. This helps the HR manager in getting an insight over the performance of the recruiting team based over the several recruiting parameters initially set by him or the company.

Recruitment analytics help to make the recruitment process more efficient and faster as it helps in analyzing the actual time spent in hiring for a particular job from open to closed state. The recruiter can work over this and eventually close the job faster.

7. Keep everyone in sync

By keeping everyone in one single loop, an applicant tracking system for recruiters saves a lot of time that would earlier get wasted in sending and receiving updates from other team members individually. An ATS can actually help the recruiter  receive feedback from all the team members and come to a single point of consensus. An email notification is sent whenever any team member shares his feedback or schedules a new interview, feedback response, etc.

Traditionally, a recruiter devoted most of his time in promoting jobs, sourcing the candidates, and communicating with them at every stage of the hiring process. An applicant tracking system for recruiters eliminates these time-consuming activities by automating most aspects of recruiting.

Here is a list of some of the most important benefits of ATS, which are making recruiters fall in love with it.

  • All the candidates are placed in one searchable database.
  • Everything including the candidate’s profile, CV, cover letter, etc are stored as rich candidate profiles in the database.
  • The recruiter can find top-notch candidates/applicants from its searchable and highly advanced database.
  • The hiring manager can easily track, monitor, and manage progress and even streamline the process.
  • It helps in finding the candidate most suited to the organization’s culture and desired qualifications.
  • ATS plays a vital role in improving the recruiter’s hiring decisions.
  • It makes it possible to automatically screen the applications and drop the ones that are not eligible.
  • Automated resume parsing enables the conversion of the CVs into formatted and comparable information.
  • An ATS screens the applications based on the set criterion such as experience, skills, education, etc. It sends automated emails to the candidates who have been selected for the interview and syncs them with the recruiter’s calendar.
  • An applicant tracking system for recruiters automates the email replies by providing customizable email templates.
  • An ATS complies with data protection guidelines completely, thereby, ensuring the candidate’s data is kept safe and secure.
  • Quick and extensive search facility to match the right candidate and speedy data entry of the candidates.
  • The reports and other documents can be generated with just a single mouse click.
  • The applicant tracking system for recruiters helps the team to stay organized & analyze their performance.

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Applicant tracking systems have actually turned out to be a blessing for the recruiters. With the automation of the routine tasks as well as the administrative processes, the hiring teams can now focus on other important tasks and spend more time during personal interviews with the candidates.

A good ATS controls the candidate funnel and helps with time optimization of the hiring team. As all the candidates are placed in one single database, the correspondence can be maintained from a single system itself. Last but not least, recruiters are able to hit the bullseye with the help of analytics!

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