Online Applicant Tracking System vs On-Premise ATS

Recruiteze - online ats vs on-premise ATS

Recent global developments with COVID-19 are forcing recruiters to re-strategize the recruitment approach. As a result, it is time to transition from on-premise ATS systems to cloud-based applicant tracking systems.

The far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in many hiring professionals reassessing the top ways to perform the recruiting business. Article by the notable author Laurence Hebberd, Account Executive at Link Humans, stresses the importance of employer brand and candidate experience.

Recruiting has become more like marketing where you need to tap the audience, of which more than 75% is passive. Therefore, there is now an urgent need to change the recruiting endeavors’ technical aspects to sustain and stay competitive in today’s market.

Recruiting has become more like marketingv

Manuel Heichlinger, LinkedIn’s Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition, shares his views in a post by Ushma Mistry, one of the prime authors on the top blog Theundercoverrecruiter.

He stresses staying connected and keeping candidates engaged in attracting and retaining them. It is essential to develop a sense of belonging within applicants at every touchpoint, adding the famous talent acquisition expert.

The world today needs to change the recruiting landscape and reconsider its technology stack. So let’s make these things easier for you to make the right decisions appropriately in time.

When choosing an applicant tracking system, there are a host of things to consider, the first is to choose between an online ATS or an on-premise ATS.

Server-Based ATS: Here, the software is installed in servers hosted on your premises, and you have to pay for the license, updates, etc. It is also known as on-premise ATS.

Cloud-Based ATS: Here, the software resides online and can be accessed 24/7 via the internet. It is available as a subscription paid either monthly or annually.

In this article, we will discuss:

  1. Reasons to choose online ATS over On-premise ATS
  2. When should you choose online ATS
  3. In which situation you should choose On-premise ATS
  4. Comparison table between online ATS and On-premise ATS

Now that we know the two delivery models for the ats software. Here are the top five reasons why you should choose a cloud-based ATS:

  1. Access
  2. Maintenance, Updates, and Downtime
  3. Security
  4. Scalability
  5. Spend


Easy access

Accessing an on-premise ATS outside the office requires an IT professional’s help to open up appropriate ports and firewalls. If this is not done correctly, it may provide access to your sensitive data to hackers.

With a cloud-based applicant tracking system, the recruiters need the internet and a device to stay connected anywhere, 24/7. This ability to access the ats from anywhere and any device help the recruiters react quickly to the candidate’s responses or client requirements.

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2. Maintenance, Updates, and Downtime

Maintenance, Updates, and Downtime

Most cloud-based ATS provide an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which is pretty much impossible with an on-premise ATS. In addition, cloud ATS vendors continuously release new features, bug fixes, and security updates since they do not have to manage multiple software versions.

On-premise ATS vendors have the problem of managing multiple versions of the software, which will make it hard for them to keep adding new features and updates to the software.

3. Security

Tight security

Initially, everyone was concerned about data security with cloud-based software, but now most on-premise software is migrating to the cloud. In addition, cloud vendors offer better security features than on-premise vendors since they have to manage one software version.

Security experts are always working to address any security issues for cloud-based software. If the cloud software is hosted on the secure servers of Windows Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or IBM cloud, these prominent vendors offer additional layers of protection to your data.

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4. Scalability


One of the most significant benefits of cloud software is it can scale on-demand based on your usage and needs. As a result, it is easy to upgrade or downgrade your subscription based on your current needs. On-demand scalability is critical in this current climate of business uncertainty.

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5. Spend

Control your spend

There are many additional costs associated with an on-premise ATS. However, in today’s scenario of COVID-19, when companies are planning for cost-cutting, cloud-based systems are a perfect choice.

These systems are much more cost-effective than server-based ATS. The companies can quickly scale up and down the subscription plans as per their requirements.

Why do you need a costly infrastructure or annual licensing fee when you can get everything right in your budget with cloud-based ATS.

Switching to cloud-based in these times is 100% safe and secure.

Switching to cloud-based in these times is 100% safe and secure.

When should you choose an on-premise ATS?

In this cloud age, the only reason you should think of an on-premise ATS is if you already have existing IT Hardware Infrastructure that you can leverage without requiring additional capital investment.

You already have the required network security in place to thwart any type of attack. You can either manage the ATS software installation yourself or have an IT person manage the system.

When should you choose an Online ATS?