Startup Finds Recruiteze to be Ideal Addition as it Seeks to Grow its Client Base

Owner Loves Features, Ease of Use of This Powerful ATS


When Jennifer Gavin decided to branch out and start her own recruiting agency odds were high that she would select Bullhorn as her agency’s Applicant Tracking System since that is what had been used at her previous job.

However, in performing her marketplace due diligence, she came across Recruiteze and that quickly changed her thinking 

“I love that it is viable through the entire candidate life cycle,” said Gavin, who is the President and CEO of Apex Placement & Consulting. “It is also very user friendly and web-based, which are two more big benefits that it possesses.”

How Recruiteze Works:

Recruiteze helps both startups and established companies better deal with and track applications. The software program builds a comprehensive application database that is easy to access.

Clients can even filter and search the database using their own custom tags. Suddenly, information that was previously difficult to find can be found quickly.

And the system doesn’t stop there. It also automates candidate communication and job posting, the latter of which allows companies to post ads on multiple platforms at once.

More Benefits Received by Apex

Placement & Consulting

Specific benefits that Gavin noted include:

User Friendly – The easy-to-understand interface makes using Recruiteze a snap. That means companies don’t have to waste time training staff on the system. Instead, staff members can be up and running on it in seconds. This saves time and money and ensures staff doesn’t have to miss valuable work time learning how to use the software optimally. 

Web-based – The fact that the software is web-based is also an advantage today, Gavin said. So many things are online these days that it would almost be a hassle if this wasn’t online as well. Plus, the Internet offers 24/7 accessibility that isn’t available with office-based systems.

Easy Search – Being able to create custom tags and set custom search parameters make finding important information fast and simple. Staff members can quickly find candidates with specific job skills so the likelihood of a business finding their ideal candidate increases. “I love that you can parcel resumes with Recruiteze,” Gavin said.

Full Cycle Coverage – Another big benefit of Recruiteze is that it tracks applicants throughout the entire candidate life cycle. That means qualified candidates won’t “fall through the cracks” and miss out on job opportunities they are ideal for. Plus, Recruiteze makes it easy to communicate with candidates and keep them engaged throughout the process.

Responsive Support – Recruiteze backs up its product with knowledgeable, highly responsive support that is available if a company needs it or just wants to make sure it is optimally using the software. 

The Bottom Line …

Apex Placement & Consulting offers customized staffing solutions and a consultative approach that helps businesses stay ahead of the competition and find the talent they need to drive their business forward to the next level.

Apex puts people first and excels at connecting companies with the talent they need in a competitive market. The company also connects job-seekers with careers and helps them optimize their job search. 

Now with Recruiteze the company is able to meet both company and candidate needs more efficiently.

Gavin went on to say:

“Recruiteze is an exceptionally easy to navigate ATS,” Gavin said. “If you are used to using Bullhorn, this is so much simpler and way more cost effective. It is absolutely great for our needs.”

“I would absolutely recommend Recruiteze. I love how it blasts our jobs to all the job boards in one easy motion.  This saves time in so many different ways!”


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