Where to store resumes online?

Online Applicant Tracking SystemIf you are thinking of storing your resumes online, you are doing the right thing. If you are hiring and have accumulated a an overwhelming amount of resumes, you may have felt the need for an online resume storage and search system. All of your resumes are worthless without having the ability to search and locate them, especially if you’re trying to contact a past applicant about a new position.

If your intent is just to store resumes online, let me explain what an online applicant tracking system does other than indexing and storing your resumes online.

With an Online Applicant Tracking System, you should be able to upload your resumes in bulk. If you are using an online applicant tracking system that supports a resume parser, it will parse each resume and pull out the candidate’s contact information and work history as it builds your resume database.

Once you have all your resumes parsed and indexed, it becomes very easy for you to search the resumes by text. Make sure you sign up for a service that supports Text based searching of the resumes.

What Else Can An Online Applicant Tracking System Do?

It can provide you with one or more features listed in this article, like a career portal, custom job application, notes management, de-duplication, and even standardizes your communications. It will streamline your hiring process, provides a professional outlook to your applicant, can stay in touch with your applicant and refer back to your interview notes when you need it. Also it helps avoid discrimination suits, if you have documented all the reasons for rejecting a candidate.

Why do you need all these other features, when all you are looking for is storing resumes online?

With just a little extra money you spend, you get all these additional benefits of an online applicant tracking system, which will save you a lot of time on a daily basis, which will result in improving your bottom line.

An online ATS, will also help you hire better quality candidates, since you have a better way of shortlisting, reviewing and managing your hiring workflow.

Here is how your hiring process looks like now

You post a job requisition, you get resumes in the email. You will review the resumes and shortlist the candidates for interview. Schedule interviews through your calendar software, print out the resumes and write your interview notes on the resumes. Once the interview is over, you will get the feedback of all the interviewers in emails. Will send out the interview result in email. So your hiring process is in the emails, on paper and in multiple inboxes. If the recruiter or employee leaves the organization, you may lose track of all your hiring notes and emails, since you are not going to refer back to her inbox when you need some information.

How an online applicant tracking system will help

The same process described in the paragraph above when done through an online applicant tracking system will look like this

  • Candidate will apply to your job postings through the online applicant tracking system’s career portal.
  • You can design a custom application, so that you can shortlist candidates based on the specific information you are looking through your custom job application.
  • Once a candidate applies, you will get an email with the Resume, application and job details.
  • The candidate will receive a nice acknowledgement that his/her application has been received.
  • You schedule the interview with the candidate if you like the resume and application.
  • The communication with the candidate will be standard, since all the people can use email templates.
  • You can track the interview notes for the candidate, so that you can refer back to the notes.
  • You can contact the candidate with your hiring decision.
  • You can refer back to the notes, whenever you need it in the future.
  • As you are using the system, your resume database will keep growing.
  • Next time you post a job, you can first search from among your past candidates. You can look for runner’s up from your past hiring.

This is the age of the cloud software, pick the right online applicant tracking system and see the difference it makes for your hiring process. With an online applicant tracking system, you can certainly store your resumes online, while also getting all the other benefits that come with it.

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